Rae Morris Travel Brush Set

  • 2022

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Rae Morris

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Rae Morris has designed the ultimate travel makeup brush set – compact and utilising her world first magnetic functionality – the set consists of 7 specially shortened makeup brushes, a steel frame to which the brushes magnetically attach, and a folding/reversable case to enclose the set – the perfect makeup application travel companion.

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  • Makeup brushes are traditionally long (therefore taking up a lot of space) and makeup travel cases are large and can damage brushes in transit. Consequently makeup users often don't take 'good' makeup brushes with them when they travel, certainly not on a daily basis. The design challenge was to come up with a travel makeup brush set that was compact (enough to carry in an average handbag) - this would not only require small brushes (without a compromise in craftsmanship and application) but a small case - and a way of ensuring these brushes would not be damaged in transit.

  • The first requirement was to reduce the size of the brushes - 7 ideal travel brushes were selected from the Rae Morris range, there handles where redesigned to be shortened whilst still maintaining their perfect balance for makeup application and their magnetic functionality. For storage in transit a compact metal frame (90mm x 90mm) was designed to which the brushes could magnetically attach. This frame and the attached brushes were then further protected by a folding vegan leather case that can wrap around the frame/brushes. The case is also reversable offering a choice of 2 colours.

  • The travel set has been an instant success with makeup users, immediately becoming Rae Morris' #1 selling set. Makeup users no longer have to compromise their makeup application whilst travelling (or even when just out of their normal makeup application environment) - not only are the brushes considered amongst the best in the world, they are protected and presented in a beautiful frame/case... with the magnetic functionality of the brushes holding them secure in the frame during transit. Based on the response to this set, further sets and accessories are currently in design.

  • An additional benefit of the shortened brushes is that they are perfect for short-sighted users as they can allow the user to get closer to a mirror without hitting the handle of the brush on the mirror. For this reason the shortened brushes are not only in demand for travel, but also for people who need to get up close to the mirror to do their makeup. As part of the design criteria, the set (like the entire Rae Morris Range) had to be completely animal cruelty free and vegan. To achieve this the handles of the brushes are FSC Certified, the fibres are MCF (Micro Crystal Fibre) which is a synthetic fibre that replicates the structure of natural hair (so there is no compromise in brush performance) and the case is made of vegan leather. This set follows on from Rae Morris' design of the world's first magnetic makeup brushes (a previous Award Winner) - the magnetic functionality (due to magnets being embedded in the based to he brushes handles) enables the brushes to stand upright, or hang upside down, when used in combination with a number of accessories. This facilitates organization, storage, travel, hygiene and cleaning.