Quad Lock Motorcycle Smartphone Mount & Wireless Charger

  • 2022

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    Sport and Lifestyle

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Quad Lock

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The Quad Lock Motorcycle Mount and Wireless Charger is designed to securely mount and charge your smartphone on a motorcycle in any environment, in any conditions.

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Image: Gene Kehoe
Image: Gene Kehoe
Image: Gene Kehoe
Image: Gene Kehoe
Image: Gene Kehoe
Image: Gene Kehoe
Image: Gene Kehoe
Image: Gene Kehoe
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  • Mounting a sleek modern hi-tech smartphone to a loud, vibrating two wheeled monster may sound simple but there were many challenges the designers had to overcome to ensure the smartphone was safe and securely mounted, while not obstructing the instruments or other components of the motorbike. Engine vibration, water ingress, UV, thermal and chemical resistance, not to mention the 1,000's of different styles and types of motorbikes, all had to be taken into consideration when mounting and charging a smartphone on a motorbike.

  • A modular system was decided as the best approach to allow customers to configure the product to meet their individual needs. Different mounting bases were designed to suit a broad range of motorbikes. A common interface between the modules was developed to allow users to configure the product to suit their needs and offer adjustability in mounting positioning. Water ingress is always a challenge with electronic connectors. Our solution was to developed a proprietary IP66 rated USB-C cable seal which uses a custom design socket and seal but can still be used with conventional USB-C connectors for non IP applications.

  • The modularity of the Quad Lock system allows customers to continually upgrade the system, minimising waste. The safety and security of the system reduces the chance of phones being damaged or dropped. With the introduction of advanced image stabilisation in modern smartphones, the vibration from motorbike engine began impacting smartphone cameras. Our vibration dampener is proven to reduces vibrations to a safe level which allows customers to confidently mount their smartphone without fear of camera damage. With over 500,000 units sold since launch no vibration issues have been reported when the smartphone is used exclusively with our vibration dampener.

  • Quad Lock strives to minimise our impact on the environment by producing well engineered products that last, minimising packaging, and using recyclable, environmental friendly materials where possible. The longevity and upgradability of our products has been a focus from the beginning. We have many customers which are still using products they purchased from us 10 years ago.