PROPPR – The Essential Bathroom Footrest

  • 2019

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PROPPR Products Pty Ltd

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The PROPPR® is an elegant, Australian designed and made footrest to get you in the proper ‘squat position’ during your ‘official bathroom business’. Using a PROPPR® ‘unkinks’ the colon for a more effective release. Going to the loo for a #2 is easier, quicker and more complete!

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  • As humans we are designed to squat in order to eliminate properly. But since the advent of the western pedestal toilet, this innate instinct has largely been lost; causing a host of avoidable health problems such as constipation, haemorrhoids, IBS and even cancer. Using a bathroom footrest helps replicate the squat position, by raising the knees above your hips. The hip flexion achieved by squatting straightens the kink in the lower part of your colon and waste passes with ease. And while strong in purpose, the PROPPR® was deliberately designed to be a stylish and modern piece of furniture.

  • The PROPPR® came to life in 2015 through a crowd-funding campaign. The original business owners and product developers had searched the market for a footrest that was both functional but also aesthetically pleasing, however couldn't find anything to satisfy. So they developed the PROPPR® to meet that segment of the market; ie where both form and function are important. The timber PROPPR® was developed in conjunction with an Australian based moulded timber manufacturer. Using a custom made mould for bending/moulding timber, the U-shape design was created. The original founders then requested the angling of the two side legs.

  • The current owners (two directors) of the PROPPR® (PROPPR Products Pty Ltd) purchased the business in late May 2018, just as it was about to close. They felt the need for a footrest that was both functional and visually appealing, ie an attractive piece of bathroom furniture. In consultation with Emtek (the manufacturer) the current owners decided to modify the finish and materials to use 100% FSC certified Australian timbers. The internal veneer is made from Hoop Pine, and the external veneer of the flagship natural timber stool is Tasmanian Oak. It is finished with a toxic-free varnish.

  • Height: The PROPPR® was designed to position the body about 20cm of the ground; the ideal distance/position for squatting, making the knees higher than the hips. The average toilet height (including the seat) is about 42-45cm. The PROPPR was crafted based on this. The slanted design of the PROPPR is 22-24cm in height; so depending upon preference/comfort it can be turned around to either side. Non-slip feet: Prior to heading into production, we needed to resolve an earlier design issue whereby the silicone non-slip strip on the base of the stool often came out. We replaced them with rubber bump-ons that are both inserted into a hole and glued in. Unique: Due to the natural variation in timber grain and colour each Tasmanian Oak timber PROPPR® is a little unique. Storage: The PROPPR® was deliberately designed not to wrap around the toilet pedestal for aesthetic reasons; and also due to the wide variety of toilet designs now available. It’s intended to fit neatly and discretely to the side of most toilets when not in use. Lifespan: With care and respect, a PROPPR® should last decades, if not a lifetime. It is built to last, meaning less waste.