Proludic Diabolo Baby ®

  • 2020

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Proludic Diabolo Baby® is an innovative range of play equipment designed for very young children aged from 6 months. The play structures facilitate and nurture early learning, guiding children through a sequence of activities which stimulate their motor skills, inspire their imagination, and encourage the development of their social interactions.

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  • Play is fundamental to a child’s development. It’s through play that children develop their perceptions, intelligence, curiosity, physical skills and social instincts. With more of the population living in high-density, urban areas, many families rely on public open space for play and recreation. Though it’s crucial that the specific needs of young children are met in the design of public open space, very few parks provide suitable play equipment for this age group. Proludic Diabolo Baby® fulfills a need for an innovative range of play equipment that meets the developmental needs of children aged 6 months to five years.

  • The Diabolo Baby® range began with our desire to create the ideal play structure for very young children. Based on a deep understanding of early childhood development, our knowledge of world-wide trends and our experience in play equipment design, Diabolo Baby® is perfect for children aged from 6 months to 5 years. Modular in design, and with matching colours, shapes and materials, Diabolo Baby® connects easily to other Proludic play equipment structures. Through the creation of these complementary components, we’ve met the challenge of creating a delightful, dynamic playspace solution that suits children of all ages.

  • Play is fundamental to every child’s development. With Proludic Diabolo Baby®, we provide very young children with age-appropriate, safe playspaces that inspire fun and learning. As young children play, they interact with each other as well as with their carers. This contributes to the strengthening of social bonds and the building of communities. The unique and inventive play elements of Diabolo Baby® support Proludic’s reputation as an innovative designer and provider of choice for nurturing and playful environments. The use of robust, durable and sustainable materials that are recyclable, confirms Proludic’s commitment to a more sustainable future.

  • Playspaces are a focal point for thriving communities to meet, relax, get fit and enjoy each other’s company. Proludic supports the well-being of children by creating inspiring play equipment. The Diabolo Baby® range is based on sound design principles and a deep knowledge of what children – and their carers – enjoy and need. The playful structures for very young children encourage interactions through play – from simple, age-appropriate activities to more physically and mentally stimulating exercises. Social inclusion is a key focus. The design features of Diabolo Baby® ensure all young children have access to play and can share their play activities with others, whatever their ability. The modular play elements enable connection to other Proludic Diabolo structures, extending the user age groups with safe, all-in-one play equipment solutions. The choice of materials, colours and shapes enables easy ‘mixing and matching’ with other Proludic ranges. Using sustainably-sourced, robust and recyclable materials, we consider the full product lifecycle. This helps us support the sustainability needs of our clients and partners. The fun play solutions of the Diabolo Baby® range are varied and challenging. They help very young children experience a whole range of emotions, extend their motor skills – and make new friends!