MXP600 Tetra 2 Way Radio and RM780 Remote Speaker Microphone

  • 2021

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Motorola Solutions Inc.

Designed In:

United States of America

The MXP600 two-way radio enables Tetra network based communication for frontline police officers and other mission critical workers. Combined with the RM780 remote speaker microphone it creates a wearable system to provide high audio and critical information.

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  • Designers were challenged to develop a device able to withstand the rigors of the public safety environment while offering a lightweight and compact form factor vital to modern expectations. Recognizable mission critical features such as audio performance, instant voice communication, and tactile keypad functionality must be retained while adding smart features and scaling the device to a wearable form factor. An additional requirement includes integration of smartphone collaboration functionality to allow programming with a secondary device.

  • MXP600 echoes a traditional two-way radio form factor which research continues to identify as an expectation within this user group. However, the solution redefines scale and proportion to emphasize audio performance, keypad tactility, and display. The tactile keypad overlays the speaker in order to reduce package size requirements as unique mid-key porting enables high audio performance for loud environments. The overall form is contoured for a body and hand-friendly shape sculpted to protect critical interface elements. The companion RM780 microphone completes the system with a form factor designed for blind use and wearability.

  • Clear audio, easy to carry form factors, long battery life, and flexible interaction methods translate to fewer mistakes and decisions based on unclear or missing information. A long service life contributes to sustainability as the product lasts 7-10 years thereby reducing the stream of discarded devices. Compatibility with existing charging systems negates the need for new supporting hardware. Effective public safety communication is vital for modern first responders. MXP600 benefits society by making communication more intuitive and efficient for those on the front lines and for the communities they serve.

  • -The integrated RM780 remote speaker microphone is wearable in any orientation and incorporates wind and water shielding technology to assure performance in unpredictable public safety environments. -The system is uniquely integrated to collaborate with existing personal smartphone devices allowing expanded functionality without adding redundant controls or complexity to the device itself. -Officers see instant communication as a critical element of safety and incident coordination. They also face increasing requirements to carry new safety and regulatory equipment. MXP600 reduces traditional device size and complexity allowing users to better manage on-body equipment carry requirements. This system incorporates advanced audio performance, extended battery life, and a unique control layout in a package that reduces "belt" space requirements while improving performance and safety. This is relevant in an environment where space and weight is critical and communication is a lifeline.