Portable Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Pack

  • 2019

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Dometic Australia Pty Ltd

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The Dometic PLB40 portable Lithium Iron Phosphate battery pack delivers high levels of mobile power, enough to keep a portable compressor fridge/freezer powered for a weekend away for free-camping on a single charge. It combines market-leading battery technology with a yet lightweight and compact design which makes mobile living easy.

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  • The Dometic PLB40 was designed specifically for people camping, travelling in an RV or living mobile to have a more effective way of powering their electronic devices. These people often have limited storage space available in their cars, 4X4, RVs or camper trailers, so making the PLB40 as compact and lightweight as possible was an important design factor. NMC lithium batteries, which are currently used in the market, are considered unsuitable for campers due to unstable output at 10.8V to 12V appliances. The PLB40's challenge was being able to supply reliable power to portable fridges, smartphones, and other 12V appliances.

  • The Dometic PLB40 has succeeded in providing those living mobile with reliable power. It achieves true portability by featuring an ergonomic stainless-steel carry handle and weighs in at a lightweight 7.54kg. It's compact at only 197 x 197 x 258mm, meaning that it can be easily stored in tight spaces when not in use. The Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cells are the first use of this technology in a camping portable battery and they provide a more reliable power output and a longer life-cycle upto 2000 when compared to AGM batteries, which are typically used in the mobile living market.

  • The Dometic PLB40 creates considerable social impact for people living away from power for long periods of time. With a reliable source of power for a portable fridge/freezer, they have access to better quality food and beverages and therefore, can prepare tasty and healthy meals for their family and friends while they travel. In addition to this, the PLB40 sees Dometic push further into the consumer portable power market where it only offered one low-cost AGM battery previously. The Dometic PLB40 is a truly premium product and will appeal to campers who want the absolute best out of their appliances.

  • Powerful integrated Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cells provide a reliable energy supply of 512 Wh. Comes with a built-in DC-DC charger, which offers three convenient ways to top up the charge of the battery pack, either via the 12V socket in cars or RVs, via solar panels, or via the AC power available in homes. It comes with a built-in battery management system that protects the unit from errors such as under voltage, over voltage, short circuiting or overheating. The PLB40 comes packaged with a replacement fuse, so in the unlikely event that you do manage to blow a fuse, you've got a replacement with you. The stylish LCD display gives an accurate measure of the battery capacity, charging status and current output and has been placed at the top of the unit so it can be easily viewed when placed on the ground. The ergonomically designed carry handle allows the unit to be easily transported and can be retracted when not in use to minimise the amount of storage space required. It has a comparably long life-cycle with up to 2000 charges at 80% depth of discharge, compared to AGM batteries with 350 cycles at 80% DOD.