PerfectCare Elite Silence

  • 2016

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

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Royal Philips

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Featuring an entirely new lightweight iron architecture, the PerfectCare Elite Silence is Philips’ lightest, handiest, most powerful Optimal-Temp Pressurized Steam Generator (PSG) to date.

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  • PerfectCare Elite Silence is a steam generator iron with Silent steam technology to deliver powerful steam with minimum sound. It is quiet and ultra powerful. Our best gliding soleplate enables fast and carefree ironing. Due to our OptimalTEMP technology you can iron ironable garments from jeans to silk without changing the temperature and even leave the hot soleplate on the ironing board without it getting burned.

  • This iron delivers powerful steam with minimum sound.

  • Iron from jeans to silk without setting the temperature. Guaranteed no burn on all ironable fabrics. Revolutionary technology with the 1) Advanced Smart Control Processor, which controls precisely the soleplate temperature 2) Ultra powerful Multi-chamber Cyclonic steam engine which delivers more powerful consistent steam and Ultra light weight iron, making ironing easier and faster.

  • Ultra long lasting steam performance: Philips' exclusive and ideally positionned Easy De-Calc Plus function provides the ideal way to get rid of limescale and extend the lifetime of a steam generator iron. Light and sound indicate when to perform cleaning. Simply open the Easy De-Calc knob , and collect the dirty water and scale in a cup.

    Light weight and comfortable to handle. It glides easily over garments , removes the toughest creases in no time, and reduces stress on the user's wrist. It makes also vertical steaming very easy and effective. For comfortably and effectively removal of the creases of delicate garments, like jackets, dresses and even difficult to iron garments with pleets, decorations, buttons in a vertical way.

    The innovative steam engine generates ultra powerful steam which penetrates deep inside the garments making ironing faster and better. Steam power can be regulated to fit the user's needs. * Iron weight & steam rate (norm IEC60311), vs. the 10 best selling steam generators; tested Dec. 2014