Nectre Form 2

  • 2022

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

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Glen Dimplex Australia

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Nectre Form 2 is an exercise in pushing the envelope with what can be achieved in an Australian made wood heater. Form forwards and future proofed, Form 2 has been designed to suit the modern Australian home both aesthetically and practically.

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  • Modern homes are being built to higher standards of energy efficiency - as such traditional wood heaters that rely on air being drawn from outside the home through whatever means necessary (under doors, open windows etc) are proving to be no longer suitable. The brief for this project was to create a premium Australian made wood heater that can be connected to outside air to ensure that the energy efficiency of the home is not compromised, while being rooted in a clean and extremely refined aesthetic.

  • Nectre Form 2 is an Australian made wood heater that has been designed without compromise. Hand built by skilled metalworkers at our plant in Adelaide with quality materials and finishes, Form 2 provides a truly premium experience. It is not only clean and extremely modern in its aesthetics but performs exceptionally well with low emissions and powerful heat output. The ability to connect the air intake of the heater to an outside air source, will mean that it can efficiently heat the modern Australian home where traditional wood heaters would otherwise struggle.

  • Previously if a user desired a high-end, design focused wood heater - they would have to purchase a unit that had been designed for a different market, as such it would perform poorly in Australian conditions. The Nectre Form Series are the first wood heaters designed and made in Australia for the Australian user to include the provision of outside air, which will allow this heater to be installed in eco-friendly homes with high energy efficiency. Never has there been an Australian made heater that provides the same combination of quality, performance, and user experience as the Nectre Form 2.

  • Nectre Form 2 is a convection wood heater - it draws cool air from the base of the heater and expels heated air at the top. Convection is aided by cast heat exchange fins on the underside of the top plate which guide the air. Form 2 is designed with a generously sized firebox, to suit Australian firewood - a common shortcoming with units designed for other markets. With vermiculite firebox lining and baffle, Form 2 retains a higher internal temperature during operation resulting in a cleaner and hotter burn. A cast iron door and top plate not only resonate the robust quality synonymous with the Nectre brand but also more effectively radiate heat into the home. A large pane of curved, flame-resistant glass gives the user a more captivating view of the fire. Form 2 can be connected to an outside air source, which guarantees it will run beautifully even in the most airtight home. The air supplies are modulated via a single control. Unlike other heaters with multiple air controls, Form 2 allows the user to intuitively control all three air supplies with a single, smooth motion. Adding to practicality, Form 2 has an integrated wood storage area.