Ovale 3D Acoustic Tiles

  • 2022

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

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Karina Deboar

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Ovale is a series of design-engineered folded tiles that, when combined, create a dynamic three-dimensional feature wall. Designed to combat sound reverberation, each tile comes together to deliver a solution that traps sound in its porous structure, achieving a high Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.85.

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  • It is well known that excessive noise in interiors has a negative effect on human behavioral, psychological, cognitive, and physiological health. Acoufelt are continually looking for beautiful, creative and sustainable ways to combat unwanted sound. For its latest collection, Acoufelt were seeking to design an acoustic wall treatment to target high-traffic, noisy interiors. The company set itself a challenge to create a product that would not only reduce sound reverberation, but was also modular, made from sustainable materials, transportable as a flat-pack, easy to install, and visually spectacular.

  • The Ovale design solution traps and absorbs sound in a dual approach; both in the surface of the porous material, and in the hollow airgap within each tile. Using Acoufelt’s premium FilaSorb™ felt, the team fashioned the material into a series of lightweight, oval-shaped tiles that could come together to create a large three-dimensional structure. Packaged and boxed to arrive flatpack, each tile has a score mark down the centre to create a 90-degree fold, giving the tile its three-dimensional quality. Incisions cut into each edge also allows tiles to be mechanically secured together, with no adhesive or accessories required.

  • A comfortable acoustic environment improves occupants physical and mental well-being, productivity, sociability and collaboration. Optimising an interior soundscape can therefore add immense social and economic value to the spaces we design. Ovale is a simple yet genius, easy-install innovation that delivers on acoustics, aesthetics and sustainability. Designers can create spectacular feature walls by mixing and matching tiles in an array of colours, or choose from our printed range of replica natural textures. Ovale tiles are also made from more than 60% recycled PET material; the equivalent of diverting 108 (600ml) PET drinking bottles from landfill per square metre produced.

  • Key features of Ovale 3D Acoustic Tiles include: •Superior acoustic performance (0.85 Noise Reduction Coefficient) •Lightweight material •Arrives flatpack •Easy to install •Made from 60% recycled PET material •Excellent resistance to fire •Breathable material •Super fine fibres for a smooth surface appearance •Available in multiple colour options •Available in high-resolution print options •Safe material components (certified low VOC, formaldehyde and phenol-free) •10 year lightfastness warranty •Thermal efficiency •Fast shipping