• 2016

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Commissioned By:

Orion Labs

Designed In:

United States

Onyx by Orion is a voice communication wearable enabling instant group communication anytime, anywhere. Solving our “screen-addiction” problem, users can communicate at the touch of a button while remaining heads up. Sleek and lightweight, Onyx clips to accessories or clothing. At $249.99 for two, Onyx is poised to alter daily communication.

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  • Sleek and discreet, Onyx is a device that not only achieves a practical purpose - simple, single touch communication - its design has an aesthetically pleasing appeal. It's crafted with style, from the circular shape of the device in resemblance of a tambourine, a universal musical connector, to the colorful exterior and the pleasant strum of the device once it's turned on. Paired with the metal clip intricately designed to seamlessly attach onto any article of clothing and the discrete button design, it's a natural must-have accessory.

  • Onyx's functionality is intuitive, much like a normal conversation. With a simple touch of a button, users can easily connect with the most important groups in their lives - colleagues at work, friends or family - all taking up less data than a text message. Relying less on your screen means better preserving your phone's battery life as well as your well-being. No more hunching over a phone screen, harming your neck, eyes and back. Compatible with both iOS and Android, it's easy to connect via bluetooth LE and similarly easy to mute with a simple twist of the device. In the companion app, users can add and switch groups and a GPS map allows users to see where other group members are located.

  • Safety is Onyx's proof point. Instead of being fixated on a screen for a phone call or text message, Onyx allows communication to exist while users are still aware of the elements around them. Phones don't mix with a lot of activities, from driving and outdoor activities to simple multitasking. Orion solved this dilemma by removing the distractions of a screen and delivering a nimble device that is versatile enough to wear to work or on the weekend and travel anywhere from the grocery store to around the world. A user simply presses Onyx's face to communicate, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road, sidewalk or whatever needs your attention.

  • Onyx is truly unlike any other wearable on the market and the need for this type of communication device is virtually endless - from wedding and event planners, groups of cyclists communicating back and forth, skiers on the slopes or parents and families staying in touch during a trip to the zoo. While walkie talkies and smartphones are either clunky, expensive, distracting and have varying range limitations, Onyx allows those communicating in large groups to connect instantly and seamlessly across any distance. The device pairs with a phone using BLE (magical pairing just like FitBit devices) and allows you to multi-task - listen to music, or answer a phone call.

    At 50mm in diameter and weighing 35 grams, Onyx's plastic body and intricate metal clip is purposefully lightweight to have on hand anywhere, clipping it to a number of accessories or clothing. Onyx's connectivity is impressive with an antenna range allowing users to be up to 30 feet from their phone. It's built with dual speakers and has noise-cancellation capabilities for extra clarity outdoors or in noisy environments.

    Standard walkie talkies are hefty and quality ones cost hundreds of dollars. Onyx harnesses the ease of smartphones and the technology of two-way radios and improves upon these to create affordable, lightweight and intuitive devices with unlimited use cases - from event planners, active outdoor enthusiasts or cyclists to families on trips to the zoo or friends coordinating outings. Onyx fills the void for groups who don't have access to the expensive communication hardware, and would normally rely on text or messaging apps.