LX AgTech Product Ecosystem

  • 2021

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The LX AgTech Ecosystem is designed to give a farmer their entire farm in their pocket.

With full stack, cutting edge technology developed by LX, the range comprises core devices including a remote telemetry node, trackers with advanced sensing options and a wide range of agricultural sensors and accessories.

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  • The challenge was to create a system that collated all key data streams in one easy to use, intuitive system that encouraged uptake at scale in the target audience. Existing products and systems tend to be disparate or incomplete, meaning an end user has to deploy multiple different programs, creating more work than the systems they are designed to replace. Our system has been built to last in harsh outdoor environments, be aesthetically slick and simple to install, as well as covering all the key remote monitoring options a farmer could need.

  • The Blue Node was configured to seamlessly integrate with all key third party sensors a farmer would need through a custom, discreet smart sensor join, giving Plug n' Play installation and automated sensor detection. The project exceeded the brief through development of 'solutions' such as the Rodent Detection System and the Spray Advisory. These use various LX products in a configuration designed to give reporting on specific 'on-farm' issues. Whilst each element in the product range works as a standalone item, their interoperability and LX's full stack approach ensures the range can adapt to fit the needs of the customer.

  • Commercially the range is a new direction for LX, a venture into owned devices sold direct to consumers. The ecosystem opens up revenue streams through both hardware sales and subscription memberships. For the end user, the ecosystem provides an entry point into Agriculture Technology that fits to their experience level or investment ability. From a single node and sensor, they have the ability to build out a full smart farm whilst staying within one system. From an environmental/social perspective, there are solutions designed to conserve key resource use (e.g. water), and drive more responsible practises around pesticide spraying.

  • Full Stack: LX have designed everything on the core product range, from the electronic hardware through to the software and app. Easy to deploy: By creating a simple 'Plug n' Play' system, the range encourages uptake in the end user because they can get up and running in minutes, not hours. Whether it is a sensor that has been configured to plug straight into the Blue Node with smart commissioning, or a tracker that has a simple Peel 'n Stick application, each device has been designed with the user in mind. Hybrid network approach: LX have unlocked the strengths of the latest IoT Technologies in this range such as LTE-M, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0 to create unique solutions and provide the user with unrivalled choice. Built to last: LX uses best in class materials and intelligent design to create products that can withstand temperatures from -20C to +70C and feature the IP and IK ratings required for use in outdoor conditions. Remarkable power: Using the latest IoT technologies to provide ultra low power connectivity, and fitting devices with military grade batteries, LX ensures that devices are not only built to last, but powered to last as well.