Onboard Room

  • 2018

  • Digital

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Deloitte Digital

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As businesses grow, the cost of hiring and training new staff can hamper growth. The onboard room, is the solution to this problem, an immersive digital space that trains a business’s staff for them.

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  • As businesses grow the cost of hiring and training new staff can actually become prevent growth. We were engaged by some of Australia’s fastest growing companies to design a solution that would alleviate the manpower and the cost involved in ‘onboarding’ new staff members. Rather than designing a new training program we wanted to design a new training tool. The solution had to be flexible enough to be used by multiple businesses and have the capacity to be updated, so that as a business’s brand vision grows the space can be constantly refreshed with new content and stories.

  • We designed an experiential digital space to welcome new starters and share the stories and strategy at the core of a business’s brand. Using a spatial design, interactive digital screens, projected interfaces and motion graphics the onBoardroom takes first-day recruits on a journey through a company’s brand vision, told by the people of the company themselves. The minimal custom interface makes it a simple experience for each business to share the personal stories behind its business. onBoardroom been designed to allow businesses to continually update content, to share the evolving story of their brand.

  • The onBoardroom, enables businesses to save the time, money and manpower normally invested in ‘onboarding’ new staff. It has already been trialled in one of Australia’s largest insurance firms, with hundreds of new starters having been through the onBoardroom experience. This has enabled their business to convey their core message in an engaging manner with dramatically reduced costs. The onBoardroom is a space which encourages collaboration, that shifts perspectives, encourages exploration and puts each user at the centre of the experience.

  • onBoardoom is designed to create a ‘Day 1’ interactive digital experience that would allow staff to literally interact with the any business’s strategy and vision. The content, experience and technology were all designed and built in close alignment. We created a minimal custom interface to make a simple experience for leaders to share the personal stories behind the business. We worked closely with prototyping, spatial, digital, content, motion graphic design, strategy and brand teams to deliver an interactive digital space which are tech-ready for however stories and data are shared in the future.