OMEN 27c QHD Gaming Monitor

  • 2022

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

HP Inc.

Designed In:

United States of America

The OMEN 27c QHD Gaming Monitor addresses gamers’ need for a wider field of view, faster frame rates (so that that lag is eliminated), and ergonomics that are different from productivity ergonomics.

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  • The OMEN 27ci Gaming Monitor had to solve several problems. When the monitor redraws too slowly, it hurts the game experience. The screen must be big and bright enough to prevent eye strain. Separately, gamers use a keyboard differently than productivity users. They tend to shift the keyboard at a 45º angle so they have more space for their mouse, and keep their wrists straight while using the keys. The team delivered a fresh low-cost design. Research and feedback indicated the need for improved VESA mounting, a more reliable stand and cable routing, and an improved front-of-screen performance.

  • The OMEN 27c Gaming Monitor is big enough to immerse a player in the game. It uses a low-haze display for reduced glare to prevent eye strain. The stand structure was changed to make it more robust and stable, reducing monitor wobble for even the most enthusiastic gamers. Cable routing was integrated into the stand column’s form, making it intuitive and more reliable than the first generation’s solution. Knowing that gamers turn the keyboard to the side for ergonomics meant creating a diamond-shaped base, so the keyboard rests at the correct angle.

  • The 27c needed to replace our best selling gaming display. Every feature was derived from customer research and feedback. Our customers want their devices to work perfectly and not spend a lot of time setting up or dealing with compatibility issues. We answered by making the OMEN 7c simple to assemble out of the box without tools and ready to game right away. Users benefit from an immersive 3-sided micro-edge curved display with smooth gameplay, for a more immersive gaming experience. The iconic diamond-shaped base gives the keyboard ergonomic placement for enhanced gameplay.

  • * Uses a curved 1000R panel that enables a more immersive gaming experience * The iconic diamond-shaped base gives the keyboard ergonomic placement for enhanced gameplay. * Adjustable stand includes tilt and height adjustment to prevent fatigue * The stand incorporates a headphone hook for easy storage when not in use * Cable routing through the stand reduces cable clutter * Low haze panel reduces glare, preventing eye strain * Very stable stand, reducing wobble for enthusiastic gaming