NKD-R Freshwater System

  • 2021

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Naked Pools

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The NKD-R Freshwater System purifies and sanitises domestic swimming pools without added chlorine, salt or expensive minerals. Designed in Australia, this product is energy and cost efficient compared to conventional systems. It’s the perfect option for environmentally conscious customers, people with health conditions, sensitivities or allergies, and swimmers preferring a freshwater experience.

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Image: Heather Felix Photography
Image: Heather Felix Photography
Image: Heather Felix Photography
Image: Heather Felix Photography
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  • As a new alternative in swimming pool sanitation, the development of the NKD-R system had to take into consideration and address installation, setup, usability, operational efficiency and reliability criteria. The inherent design challenge was to cater to the diverse needs and expectations of pool builders, service technicians and pool owners. Achieving these aims is critical in gaining industry acceptance for any new innovation, technology or product concept. To aid rapid market recognition of the product and Naked Pools' brand the NKD-R also had to be clearly differentiated from other sanitation systems.

  • To simplify connection to pool plumbing, NKD-R's Cell Housing is reconfigurable to suit specific on-site pipework requirements. The control unit is mounted with a single fastener and electrical connections are all plug-in fittings. NKD-R's software setup is an easy, guided on-screen process - resulting in an automated "self-adjust" sequence to optimise operation for each pool. The control unit's design is refined and robust. Navigating the user-interface is simple, convenient and intuitive and includes 'shortcut' buttons to key functions. NKD-R's "Starter Pack" includes instructions and accessories for the pool owner, and Naked's mobile app provides detailed information, video tutorials and on-line knowledgebase.

  • Swimmers enjoy health and wellbeing benefits in freshwater pools. NKD-R minimises exposure to chemicals that can aggravate skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Users don't even need to shower after swimming! Environmentally, NKD-R maintains sanitised pool-water with fewer chemicals and reduced energy consumption. Water can be recycled and reused in gardens and grey water systems without dilution unlike conventional systems. Commercially, NKD-R's success depends on acceptance of freshwater technology by industry and consumers. Being reliable, intuitive, easy to install and stylish, Naked Pools' design-led approach creates an opportunity to capture significant market share with a unique, desirable and differentiated solution.

  • The NKD-R provides a complete freshwater sanitisation solution within the Control Unit and Cell Housing modules, unlike other low-chlorine or chlorine-free solutions which require the purchase or installation of additional components and chemicals. The NKD-R also includes the following features: - Control unit enclosure includes an interchangeable insert to 'future-proof' design for future model variants. - Weather shield cover to protect control unit in exposed installations. - Control unit wall bracket with integrated spirit level for easy installation. - Control unit's "portrait' configuration minimises enclosure width to simplify installation in locations where space is often limited. - Design of Cell Oxidiser/Ioniser components maximises replacement interval. - NKD-R's technology provides lowest levels of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) for superior water clarity. NKD-R system features to simplify ongoing use: - Dual internal timers allow integration with 'non-sanitisation' pool functions such as heating or in-floor cleaning. - Simple Backwash Function makes flushing pool filters (external to NDK-R) easy during regular cleaning. - Winter Mode provides automated adjustment to system operation in cooler months. - Automatic system notifications for key events including; Ioniser replacement, High TDS, or Temperature Control.