CompleXion by Digispectro

  • 2021

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    Medical and Scientific

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CompleXion is the world’s first spectrophotometer body scanning wand specifically designed for the beauty and camouflage cosmetics industry. This Australian designed product accurately captures the true colour of the targeted skin area in all lighting conditions, enabling cosmetic manufacturers to create unique formulas with a perfect colour match and scan existing product ranges into the CompleXion colour library.

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  • D+I was challenged by Digispectro to develop a visually distinct design language for the CompleXion system, optimised to meet all mediums from manufacturing and usability through to sales in global markets The device was required to be representative of the high value offering; have the ability to accurately scan individual skin tones, whilst capturing accurate data for either personalised cosmetics formulation or to recommend the best match from brand cosmetic ranges. The spectrophotometer scanner needed to be simplified into two components: a scanner + docking station (calibration, charging + digital display) and demanded a strikingly intuitive UX/UI to guide operators/clinicians to scan without any complex training. The device needed to work intuitively for multiple users within the cosmetic or semi-clinical industry .

  • The CompleXion scanner has been refined into a minimalist two-part system: an ergonomic handheld scanning wand and the Hub (Docking station - central processing unit). The wand, which features a rubberised tip for skin contact, is lightweight, designed to be easily held. The spectral sensors and illumination source are recessed behind the tip ensuring a fixed distance for consistent scanning and accurate results. The Hub functions as a wand charging and calibration point. It features a capacitive touch screen display, an intuitive UI and offers USB and ethernet ports to provide connectivity. CompleXion requires no specialist training, intuitively guiding operators through the process of completing an accurate scan. Results instantly display on the hub's touch display.

  • Skin colour varies significantly depending on race, sun exposure, age and lifestyle. In some cultures, underlying skin conditions can create major social issues and overall acceptance by society. Skin conditions also potentially affect a person's mental health and wellbeing Commercially, CompleXion enables brands to calculate a formulation of colours that will precisely match the skin, improving sales and market share, whilst enhancing brand perception and increasing customer loyalty The product design was created with minimal environmental impact front and centre throughout the process. Combining existing socially acceptable materials and combining these with state-of-the-art technology which leaves no footprint.

  • The CompleXion scanner is the culmination of years of research into spectro-photometery and cosmetics formulation. CompleXion uses science to determine accurate skin tone colour. Alternative systems such as colorimeter technologies (photographic captures and lookups) are unable to produce accurate data for use in the creation of formulas. CompleXion provides an accurate colour match solution for cosmetics manufacturers, semi- clinicals, retailers and clients by measuring the perfect spectral curve. The CompleXion system has been designed with a minimalist, yet highly appealing aesthetic, reflective of this world first scientific solution. The design palette has been influenced by leading consumer electronics products to maximise appeal and sales in all major global markets. It is changing the lives of those suffering with severe skin conditions, from birthmarks through to vitiligo. It is also providing consumer confidence that the cosmetic products they are purchasing whilst in artificial lighting will serve them well as the colour will match both their skin tone and undertone The CompleXion colour scanning wand is the first commercial product development from the Digispectro brand. Commercial applications outside of cosmetics are currently being investigated to expand functionality such as higher frequency sensors to detect subdermal inflammations for use in mole mapping, analysing skin conditions and monitoring the effectiveness of treatments.