• 2023

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Andrew Liso - Director

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Edglit is a modular garden edge lighting system, first of its kind on the market. Made from marine-
grade aluminium with UV-treated powdercoat colour options and powered by solar or 12v AC
adapter. Edglit has been designed for anyone wanting to improve the aesthetic of their garden day
and night.

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  • Edglit was designed to fill a gap in the market for a solution to edge gardens as well as light them with a continuous band of light using one simple and modular system. The challenge was to create a product that met the design brief provided by Edglit’s innovator Andrew Liso. The brief stipulated for the product to be: easily installed by anyone; aesthetically pleasing; a functional lighting system providing enough light to highlight the spaces at night; sustainable and reusable; durable, withstanding Australia’s harsh climates; low maintenance; and future proofed with interchangeable lighting heads for different garden functions.

  • The design process involved extensive research and design development to ensure the product responded to the brief. The system was designed to be modular, to suit different garden applications and layouts where all parts clip or slide effortlessly together and be easily installed. Marine grade aluminium was chosen as the product material, being recyclable and making it suitable for coastal areas. The powdercoat finish protects components to withstand harsh climate conditions and provides a range of colour options. The lighting system was designed to be concealed along the entire length of the extruded section providing an even light distribution.

  • Commercially: Edglit is a unique, patented product that provides a competitive edge in the market by offering an innovative solution for garden edging and lighting. By combining two functions in one solution, Edglit saves installation time, money and provides a better lighting solution for the garden with its concealed lighting and continuous, even light distribution to the whole garden. Environmentally: Edglit is durable, long lasting and disassemblable for reuse or recycling. Edglit’s lighting function and range of design options enhance the appearance and lighting of outdoor spaces, contributing to a safer and enjoyable outdoor environment for communities and individuals.

  • In addition to the main features of the product, Edglit has been carefully designed and considered such that it offers other key features. Its modular design enables the system to be configured to form different garden layouts with its versatility also extending to create raised planter boxes, enabling residents of apartments to enjoy their own balcony gardens. The top section of the linear edge component is also interchangeable to allow for different lighting profiles in the future. As part of its durable and long-lasting design, Edglit is also tread proof, water resistant, doesn’t degrade over time and carries a 10-year UV warranty. Edglit’s lighting is powered by either solar or 12V AC power adapter, neither requiring a licenced electrician to install as the solar lights are simply placed in the garden and the AC adapter plugged into a power point. Its lighting function is Wi-Fi enabled through a phone or device app, allowing effortless operation of the lighting including: colour changes, creating colourful garden light displays; programable timer settings, to turn the lights on and off as required; and mode changes, where the lighting can change colours to the beat of the music creating a social atmosphere in garden spaces.