Sunbeam Marc Newson Toaster

  • 2016

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Commissioned By:

Sunbeam Australia

Designed In:


The Marc Newson Toaster is a premium kitchen appliance designed for Sunbeam by renowned Australian Designer, Marc Newson.

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  • The Newson Toaster recognises that people increasingly seek and select products for their kitchen that are both beautiful and practical. The kitchen is the hub of the home. More and more people are experimenting with recipes and enjoying preparing food for friends and family. With this ever-increasing focus on the kitchen, people are putting more care into the design of the space and the products they choose.

  • This toaster is a beautiful object, true to Newson's signature style, with a very clean silhouette and exquisite attention to detail. The proportions echo traditional kitchen tools, yet the detailing is contemporary, resulting in an object that is familiar yet modern. Customers have a choice of seven different colours from subtle to bold.

  • The toaster is one of the most commonly used appliances in Australian households. This product is a working appliance, designed to be used daily. It is intuitive. Its controls are simple, unambiguous, and consistent with other products in the category. The lift action is fully motorised in line with other premium toasters in the same price point.

  • First and foremost, the Marc Newson Toaster is a functional appliance. It is designed for safety and has passed all necessary Australian and European safety regulations.

    The Newson Toaster is a premium product and uses materials in an honest way. The metal construction is contrasted with both high gloss and matte polymers. Great care was taken in the selection and specification of finishes to create interplay of colour and texture.

    The Newson Toaster is a flagship product, and along with the matching kettle, has been used as the centrepiece for Sunbeam promotions including 'landmark' outdoor advertising. Pricing is consistent with market positioning and other premium appliances. The launch of these products achieved the objective of creating a flagship for the brand and a catalyst for traditional and new media.