New Catering Water Purification Equipment (J2820-CS1100)

  • 2021

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Commissioned By:

Luo Yong

Designed In:


This water purifer for catering kitchens and chain stores provides combined water purification solutions for kitchen equipment. Designed in China, this product caters to a range of devices such as ice makers, steamers, tea making machines, pipeline machines, cold drink machines, and coffee machines.

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  • The product design lasted for one and a half years. During this period, we overcame the problems of single pipe double waterway design, series parallel waterway design and modular combination design, solved the large water purification demand of catering kitchens and catering chain stores, and provided combined water purification solutions for catering kitchens to meet the demand of multi scene application.

  • The water inlet and outlet interface adopts 6 branches, and the effluent flow is 7L / min (up to 19L / min), meeting the demand of large water purification; The design of series and parallel waterways can change the filtration level and filtration flow to meet the needs of different users; Conversion tee, custom multi outlet, can be connected to different kitchen water equipment.

  • The application of Innovative Patent Technology of single pipe and double water way design breaks through the traditional double pipe design mode; The design of series and parallel waterways meets different filter element combinations and filtering modes; Environmental protection PP material and spray free process are adopted, and combined modular design, not only save cost, but also meet the requirements of environmental protection.

  • 1,The overall appearance design has a strong sense of industrial equipment, reflecting reliability and firmness; 2,The inverted "∧" shaped icon is embedded in the front of the metal pylon, which is eye-catching and has unique brand recognition; 3,The main pipe adopts snap splicing and modular design, and the modular units can be easily combined to form a single, two or more combination forms; 4, The filter of both ends (PP filter element and scale inhibition filter element) are replaced by rotating upward, which is novel and easy to maintain; 5,The design of series and parallel waterways can change the filtration level and filtration flow to meet the needs of different users. 6,The overall design is simple, the color is low-key and harmonious, reflecting the sense of high-end and value of commercial products.