Mototrbo ION Converged 2 Way LMR/LTE Device

  • 2021

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Motorola Solutions Inc.

Designed In:

United States of America

Mototrbo ION is a portable communication device connecting teams in commercial environments such as factories, utilities, transportation and hospitality. It provides commercial grade two-way radio while integrating productivity applications and broadband connectivity into a single device.

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  • The commercial environment ranges widely from noisy factories to service oriented hospitality settings. Mototrbo ION designers were challenged to create a universal form factor that is pleasant to hold, wearable, and resistant to the rigors of constant daily use in extreme noise and dirt environments. The form must convey ruggedness while remaining approachable and understandable for users. It must also combine the safety of traditional voice and the productivity of ever evolving applications expected by modern workers.

  • Physical controls echo traditional two-way radios but are re-imagined for quick access and high tactility. A unique top display provides information at a glance to keep users informed without requiring device removal. Mototrbo ION builds on users' familiarity with Android functionality and applications. This is delivered with a display designed for gloved use. The device adapts to evolving needs with remote software updates designed to avoid disrupting user tasks. Audio performance reaches levels previously found only on police radios. Voice control provides an intuitive operation mode while allowing users to stay on task and avoid unnecessary device

  • Keeping workers safe and informed benefits society by assuring overall systems and safety protocols perform better. Mototrbo ION provides an approachable solution workers are willing to use. Research confirmed that organizations favor any improvement in communication yielding increased safety and efficiency. Mototrbo ION maintains voice communication even when radio service is interrupted by automatically switching to LTE service without user engagement. Remote software upgradability along with mil-spec ruggedized construction assure a sustainable 7-10 year service life which outperforms the "throw-away" obsolescence and constant replacement cycles of currently available solutions.

  • Mototrbo ION creates a unique category as a purpose built tool with enough capability to eliminate issues associated with multiple, separate devices (Radio, smartphone, tablet, pager) often carried by users. The flared control top offers secure grip while providing a large control and display zone. The beauty in this form is a result of the proper resolution of functional elements. Voice control enables users to query databases and change device settings without distraction from immediate tasks. Mototrbo ION differentiates itself by combining different modes of communication into a single device. It includes a camera/image sensor unique to the category. Competitive devices tend to rely on partial solutions which do not readily synchronize with each other in terms of voice, data, and applications. This often leads to inefficiencies in workflow.