Monty – Smart Compost Monitor

  • 2021

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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Monty Compost Co

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While compost effectively reduces waste, nourishes plants and improves soil quality, it is difficult practice that not many people follow. To encourage more people to compost, Monty uses an app-based management system to track compost data and break the process down into simple steps.

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Image: Monty Monitor and App - Dry Compost Bed | photo -
Image: Monty System Setup - Compost Education | photo -
Image: Monty System Setup - Compost Education | photo -
Image: Monty Monitor in Compost Bin | photo -
Image: Monty Mobile Management App | photo -
Image: Monty Monitor Charging Dock | photo -
Image: Monty Monitor Charging | photo -
Image: Monty Monitor Expedition | photo -
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  • In holistically responding to the climate crisis we must start addressing the emissions sources of Agricultural Fertilisation and Organic Waste. 3% of total emissions result from decomposing organic waste. Composting significantly reduces these emissions whilst converting the waste to a valuable, rich and sustainable soil fertilizer. Half of our food supply is globally produced using artificial chemical based fertilizers which are a) running out as a resource and b) contributing directly to over 2% of our total emission concerns. As a result it is easy to see how impactful proper adoption of composting can be to help save the planet.

  • Compost can be confusing and difficult to manage or maintain. Poor management leads to a compost inefficiency, user frustration and potentially compost that is stinky, wet and awful to interact with. This then results in a general consumer reaction of composting not being appealing. Monty fixes this - the smart little mushroom device is stuck in your pile to sense and report data outputs for temperature, humidity and organic compounds to the Monty Mobile. This application software then provides customised care instructions for your compost that are simple, easy to understand, educational and most importantly fun to implement.

  • The Monty Compost Co system is impactful: Food security and organic waste management needs to be solved through a compost revolution. Monty decodes, engages, educates and connects people anywhere and everywhere to start having fun with good, clean compost production. Better utilisation of compost helps commercially at every level of society. Composting in inner city apartments takes processing load cost off City Council services, Urban Gardeners no longer need to rely on store bought fertilisers and on an industrial level the Monty system can help our farmers in cost reduction of fertilisers for food and feedstock production.

  • The Monty system has been designed with a broad range of users in mind. The management application software beautifully humanises this technology making it accessible, understandable and fun to use for primary school kids integrating composting into their curriculum to professional horticulturists through to community and retirement home garden community members. The Android / IOS App intuitively assists with on-boarding the users and setting up Monty Monitor ready for deployment within a few minutes. Once set up, Monty Monitor lives in your compost pile 24/7 and operates on rechargeable long life batteries. In App notifications conveniently let you know when it is time to either hot swap or dock and charge your battery module from the Monitor. Initially your battery will need swapping or dock charging every 4 to 5 weeks however this interval will lengthen over time as the management system learns how your compost reacts and how much data sampling is required to adequately manage it.