Methven Aurajet Aio Shower System

  • 2016

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Methven Limited

Designed In:

New Zealand

The Methven Aurajet Aio Shower System sets a new standard internationally for premium shower experiences, both for its user and installer.

We’ve taken the Aurajet technology as well as its famous halo shape and remastered it into a full system.

It’s our most advanced, invigorating and enveloping shower experience yet.

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  • The Aurajet Aio Shower System has a minimal, sophisticated and elegant composition that will endure for years to come. Its cool touch rail seamlessly connects the ultra-large shower from above head to its diverting handle, positioned conveniently at hip height. The handle's directional form and material invites touch and is designed to be comfortable to rotate, requiring minimal reach from where your hands hang. A single radial graphic line indicates the direction in which to rotate the handle. With the twist of your wrist, the Aurajet experience can be tailored to any user's needs. Effortlessly switch from the overhead Aio drencher to the surprisingly light Aio handset, adjacent to the rail.

  • The innovation of Aurajet technology works by colliding jets of water against precisely angled hydrophobic surfaces, which retains energy within the water for a full force experience. As the water glides off the impinging surfaces it forms into a beautiful fan until natural water tension breaks the fans into a luxuriously dense array of droplets. The resulting even spray delivers twice the coverage, and up to 20% more total spray force than conventional showers, completely immersing the skin. Competitor needle jet showers distribute uneven droplets of water, leaving cold spots on the skin. Aurajet Aio has been optimised to perform at the low flow rate of 9 litres per minute and has a 3 star WELS rating.

  • The Shower System has a Lifetime warranty attached. The cool touch rail, brackets and diverter body, are all crafted from Eco brass, a lead free material. While the diverter handle is cast in zinc for superior touch, with premium detail covering fixing screw holes. Its Aurajet Aio shower heads are visibly and physically lightweight, as a result the volume of material has been reduced significantly in comparison to a traditional shower. The outer halos are made of ABS to allow a tough chrome skin to be applied and inside covers are ASA, a UV stable material that won't discolour over time. The internal engine components have hydrophobic properties, resisting buildup of limescale and preserving spray quality.

  • The Aurajet Aio Shower System is designed to be as easy to use and install as it is beautiful to look at. An advantage which makes this premium product stand out from competitors is not only the pleasing aesthetics and enveloping shower spray, but the ability to easily retrofit the Shower System to existing bathrooms in Australia. The standard water outlet position in AU is installed at 1.8m high. We are proud to provide this solution for Australian customers who do not wish to demolish and then rebuild their bathroom wall in order to replace an obsolete shower. Additionally it can be installed to any new bathroom globally with practical installer benefits integral to the sophisticated simple architecture.