Maxi-Cosi Titan Pro Convertible Booster

  • 2019

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Titan Pro is Australia’s first convertible child restraint to safeguard children from mistakenly being placed in an incorrect mode and the first convertible booster to provide specialised head and torso protection. Safety is now heightened in a child restraint which helps educate older children around responsible self-restraining while supervised.

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  • Consumers expect the highest level of safety, comfort, ease of use and functionality from child restraints and this premium offer has been absent in the convertible booster category, until now. Convertible boosters and forward facing harnessed child restraints offer the largest occupant range, six months to eight years, differing by restraining method. Convertible boosters uniquely harness and use the lap-sash car belt, allowing older children to learn about responsible self-restraining, under supervision. This unique benefit is overlooked as current executions lack refinement in their safety, comfort, and ease of use features, forcing consumers to compromise on their preferences and values.

  • Titan Pro, Australia’s first convertible booster providing specialised head and torso protection technologies with perfect child fitment at every age. Enhanced with seamless functionality and intelligent ease of use and misuse solutions, exceeding consumer expectations. The design perfectly integrates G-CELL™ torso protection into framed apertures, providing both internal and external shock absorption, when combined with Air Protect™ head protection side impact safety is maximised. Safeguarding against misuse, Titan Pro is the first to offer an intelligent harness interference system, GrowSafe™, aiding mode transition safety and correct installation. With considered functionality and comfort solutions, Titan Pro is the ultimate harnessed booster.

  • Titan Pro is a socially impactful child restraint, Australia’s first convertible booster to offer specialised, head and torso protection with new intelligent functionality. Furthermore, it is estimated that incorrect restraint fitment effects one in three children and uniquely, Titan Pro is the first convertible restraint to offer a misuse solution. GrowSafe™, protects children from accidentally being restrained in the wrong mode, undermining safety. Developed from the ground up by Australian and European international teams, the design successfully meets multiple standards with regions sharing majority of components. Distribution of the product is throughout Europe, Australia and Asia, maximising commerciality.

  • • Safety Shield: Dual Action Protection System. Offering superior head and torso protection. When you need it most. • Air Protect™: Patented side impact technology that combines compressible foam materials and a polymer pocket with specified valves to control the release of air under impact. The most comfortable and compact head safety technology. • Headrest and Automatic Harness Height Adjustment • GrowSafe™: Intelligent anti-misuse headrest interference system to help communicate when it is time for the child to be converted to the next restraint mode. • Active Booster Belt Guides: Booster lap-sash belt guides with spring activated lock mechanism to prevent misuse and promote responsible self-restraining. • Harness and Buckle Storage: Integrated compact harness storage for mode conversion to booster. Never remove the harness and risk twisting again. • G-CELL™: Patented side impact technology that combines the engineering strength advantages of hexagons with advanced materials. Arranged in the form of crushable apertures, the internal hexagon walls are designed to spread and distribute impact forces away from the child’s body. • Single Handed, Tether-less Recline Adjustment Spring loaded three point comfort recline without top tether adjustment. • Three Year Rated Infant Insert: Cocooning and protective insert for extended customisable comfort. • Cool Baby™: Premium bamboo charcoal wicking fabric.