MANTEL – Pinnable Pegboard and Shelving Range

  • 2022

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

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Objct co

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MANTEL is a range of modular, user-reconfigurable, pinnable pegboards with integrated shelving for everyday carry (EDC) organisation. Your wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses, etcetera… never leave home without all your daily essentials. With MANTEL, they are ready to gather up the moment you head out the front door.

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  • Everyone has experienced leaving their home and then realising they accidentally left something behind. You were hurrying to beat traffic, or thinking about that meeting, or juggling getting your kids ready, or slept in, or you were daydreaming about that tropical island… You forgot your phone/ reading glasses/ the USB with your presentation files/ your wallet/ the shopping list/ or your keys and you just locked yourself out. Oh, no! You left it behind on the kitchen bench/ in the pile on the hallway table/ or it got mixed up with your partners’ things and they accidentally took it already.

  • Storing and organising a person’s EDC and daily essentials neatly together in one place so that items are: 1. Easily accessible across an ordered vertical flat-lay... 2. Separated, individualised and uncluttered… 3. Meaningfully arranged and quickly altered to best meet changing day-to-day needs over time, and… 4. Fixed to any wall regardless of the location’s size restrictions (eg., next to a front door where other small furniture solutions would not work) … Allows the logical compiling of EDC alongside important daily ‘things to remember’ - A design solution that is an instantly user-reconfigurable, physically efficient, dynamic and focussed visual checklist.

  • Through good design, MANTEL has allowed Objct Co to meet and expand its mission of helping people simplify and organise their lives. MANTEL is the second product after Objct Co’s flagship LAPOD Lap Desk, hence needed to be complementary in form, function and brand purpose: to build on the same environmental ethos of the LAPOD, resulting in, for example, the careful selection of authentic and durable sustainable materials. Without strong design principles and processes at Objct Co, this would not have been possible. MANTEL continues this same frictionless, refined and highly resolved embodiment of design.

  • // MANTEL is a modular all-in-one pegboard, pinboard and shelving system. // Soft, minimal, textural aesthetic with adaptable design customisable by the user to complement their home décor and style. // Made from durable, high-quality sustainable materials. // MANTEL Board options start in 3 colours at a 3x2 size and 4x2 size (eg. array of pegs being 4 x 2) - will grow from here with more sizes and colourways. // MANTEL Shelf options start in oak with 2-Peg Wide Shelf and 3-Peg Wide Shelf - will grow from here with more size alternatives and timbers. // MANTEL Peg options will start with tumbled brass, anodised aluminium - anodised colourways will grow from here. // Colourways, sizes, materials, and configurations are interchangeable and can always be mixed and matched when personal preferences change. // Fixes to any wall substrate with removable 3M Command Strips, or dual screw mounting. Fixing methods can be altered as required. // Installs quickly and if/when desired can be switched between portrait and landscape formats in seconds. // User assembled (pegs screw rigidly into the Board, Shelves slide securely onto the Pegs). // Flat-packed for efficient inventory storage, global shipping and customer delivery. // Available in a range of colourways, sizes, materials and configurations which will be added to over time.