AeroTech LED Strobe

  • 2022

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Brown Watson International

Designed In:


This strobe warning light was designed to be more aerodynamic than a traditional strobe and also provide more output to ensure high visibility even during bright sunlight.

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  • Strobes and beacons until now are almost exclusively round, we wanted to push the envelope but we also wanted to ensure the new shape provided tangible benefit to the end user without inhibiting performance. This design was to set Narva apart from all competitors with a distinctive shape and style with the tangible benefit of up to 62% less drag at 100KM/H.

  • A round strobe is inherently not very aerodynamic, using the principles of aerodynamics our team created the "trilobular" shape which is more aerodynamic either when mounted flat face forward or point forward.

  • Beacons and strobes are often used on vehicles which travel at high speeds for long distances, some drivers report wind noise due to their beacon/strobe. This was the primary problem we looked to solve, in addition the reduced drag would have a small effect on fuel saving. We also manged to use the shape to get a wider illuminated space which makes the strobe appear bigger than a comparable round strobe.

  • Because these strobes are so bright we have incorporated a light sensor which switches the strobe into low power mode at night or in low light situation. This is to increase safety on site as the lights will no longer dazzle surrounding workers. Due to the design this was quite a difficult thing to get right and required some optical engineering to ensure the sensor function correctly. There is also a wire that can disable the light sensor if the operator chooses.