Makinex Hose2Go

  • 2017

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    Commercial and Industrial

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The NEW Hose2Go is a constant pressure and highly portable water supply unit.

It harnesses the energy from a tap to charge it and is the only constant water pressure supply unit that does this.

It provides a constant pressure water flow without using a pump, battery or electronics ensuring reliability and efficiency.

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  • The Hose2Go provides a readily available, self-managed supply of constant water pressure which is highly beneficial in the concrete cutting industry as it can be used for dust suppression. For example, if employees in the concrete cutting industry cut or drill into concrete without any water, they are at risk of developing silicosis which is an illness that can lead to permanent heart and lung disease. The Hose2Go is lightweight, portable and quick to refill which provides employees with an easy solution to create and maintain a healthy work environment.

  • The Hose2Go provides a readily available, self-managed supply of constant water pressure. The benefit of this in the concrete cutting industry means blades can be kept cool thereby reducing the wear on them and ultimately extending the life of the blade. In addition to this, concrete blade teeth stay intact for longer providing an added safety benefit. The Hose2Go also keeps core drills cool which limits them expanding when drilling.

  • The Hose2Go is lightweight and highly portable with two carrying positions ensuring ease of access and transportation. It has a 14 litre capacity and up to 30 minutes of constant flowing water. If using the Hose2Go on a building site, having water where and when you need it saves time, effort and a few grey hairs.

  • As the Hose2Go requires no pump to obtain the water pressure required, you have increased reliability in water pressure. In addition to this, there are no complicated electrics which can cause a breakdown and no expensive battery to go flat or replace. The simplicity of the design means all you need is a water source to fill the tank, then simply carry the water to where you need it.

    The Hose2Go has the potential to benefit many applications where water source is an issue. So far we've highlighted the benefits to the construction industry, specifically concrete cutters but there are many other industries that would also benefit such as; marine, 4 wheel driving, camping landscaping and plumbing to name a few.