Magimix Cook Expert

  • 2021

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    Domestic Appliances

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The Magimix Cook Expert is the latest innovation from iconic French brand Magimix. This device replaces up to 15 kitchen appliances in one, including even pots and pans. The versatile machine can be used to create almost anything, from starters to desserts. It’s cooking made easy.

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  • The daily task of cooking, for many, is fulfilling yet tedious. Having to dedicate an hour standing in the kitchen is something that not many people are able to do. The challenge for Magimix was to create an appliance that could not only do the kitchen prep, but can also cook meals, from starters to desserts-- making every day cooking that much easier.

  • Designed to replace up to 15 kitchen appliances, even pots and pans, the Cook Expert is a multifunctional kitchen solution. Three main elements: time, speed and temperature enable users to create almost any dish in the kitchen. To make the Cook Expert even more convenient to use, Magimix have created 13 automatic programs, taking the guesswork away from the user. Users can now simply place all the ingredients in a bowl, select a setting and walk away. They will come back to freshly made, delicious food like soups and stir-fry's without having to spend an hour in the kitchen.

  • Social impact: Users are able to spend more time away for the kitchen, giving them more time back. Communities and groups have also been created for recipe and tips and tricks sharing. Health impact: Enables users to cook fresh, from scratch with no added preservatives. Retail impact: Created a new category in retail - the cooking food processor. Environmental impact: Built to last with 30 years warranty. Designed to be used and loved for decades instead of going into landfill. It also encourages the use of food about to go off, discouraging food waste.

  • Comes with a food processor attachment, transforming it into Magimix's top of the line food processor, alone valued at $999. Large capacity caters to 12 people. Double-walled stainless-steel bowl: safe around children and keeps food warm for up to two hours. Induction heating technology with 1C temperature accuracy, hitting desired temperatures faster. The Rinse program does all the hard work. All parts except the motor are dishwasher safe. The machine itself features simple and clean lines, making cleaning easy. No pockets for food to get stuck into. The food processor attachment comes with 3 transparent bowls specially designed so users can do multiple tasks in succession without washing up each time. On the Food Processor program, there are no speed options. The Magimix motor is designed to be simple and easy to use, with the motor automatically adjusting to the task at hand. Users can create endless dishes easily from scratch, resulting in better quality food and long-term grocery savings. Additional accessories make the Cook Expert even more versatile. Designed to stay sturdy on the bench, even while doing big tasks. Quiet Mark - the quietest appliance of its kind in the market. Made in France with 30 years motor warranty.