Drum+Base Range

  • 2021

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    Furniture and Lighting

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Drum+Base is a series of customisable tables and workstations built upon an innovative base. This Australian designed and manufactured cantilevered work surface is appropriate for focused, collaborative, or informal work. Drum+Base has the function, flexibility and strength required for commercial furniture, with the seamless form of a residential piece.

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Image: Toby Peet
Image: Toby Peet
Image: Toby Peet
Image: Toby Peet
Image: Toby Peet
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  • Function is the driver behind any commercial piece of furniture, (especially workstations), often to the detriment of good design. The challenge was to not let the functional performance requirements overpower or dictate the design in this piece. The Drum+Base was born from a true collaboration between the interior architecture team, the client and the manufacturer. The objective was to produce a refined height adjustable system with a residential aesthetic whilst adapting to the shift in how we work and interact within contemporary office environments post-COVID. Adaptability, functionality, improved usability and future-proofing were at the core.

  • The Drum+Base offers a component-based table and desk system that fuses custom joinery and steel fabrication with robust engineering. Built around a single design module, and available as either fixed or height-adjustable, the Drum+Base column can be used as a single piece or paired with multiple units, presenting the capacity to scale the application from small media table, focus and executive workstations, through to large boardroom tables. Its elegance is in the simplicity of the final design, with all complex mechanical and support structures discretely concealed to present a minimalist aesthetic.

  • 100% Australian designed and made, the harmonious curved geometric forms echo the natural environment and have a positive effect on the emotional state. User-friendly sit-to-stand options provide flexibility, good ergonomics and promote healthy work practices and staff well-being. The design is fully customisable, enabling the Drum+Base to suit almost any application both commercial and residential. Being designed, prototyped and delivered with the post COVID workplace in mind, the Drum+Base has potential for significant market share and offers increased customer choice and satisfaction. Recyclable mild steel and worktops provide an environmentally conscious product in keeping with AWM's eco-leadership and sustainability philosophy.

  • - Scalable - The range is built upon a typical module, combined with a scalable support frame to suit most any required application. - Fixed height + sit to stand - Available as a fixed or electronic height adjustable module, multiple units can be paired to operate in unison on larger applications, or modules can operate independently alongside one another in individual scenarios, for example in banks of workstations. Media tables for example benefit from the cantilevered top, providing ample leg room and flexibility in access to those using them, with sit-to-stand functionality offering further benefit to collaborative settings. - Flexibility - The Drum+Base range can readily incorporate other AWM design solutions such as the Orio frameless upholstered screens and in-desk power and data products. - Multiple applications - Combined with wrap-around Orio screens, the Drum+Base can be used for individual focus and touch-down workstations, providing the benefits of a sit-to-stand workstation and the comfort, acoustic and privacy benefits afforded by wrap around screens. - Component based for longevity - the base and the table top are separate from the screen allowing the system to be easily reconfigured and fabrics refreshed over time, increasing the product lifespan and reducing waste.