Lumio Lamp

  • 2015

  • Communication

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Max Gunawan

Designed In:


Lumio outwardly resembles a book, but becomes a sculptural light when opened. It was born of a desire to provide beautiful lighting to people wherever they are — a design unconstrained by space or power source, and a versatile lighting for modern living.

Lumio is rooted in the fact that, in order to experience quality artificial lighting, we are constrained by the availability of a power source. Of the portable lighting options on the market, none provided quality, long-lasting light. So we asked: What if we created a device that combines powerful lighting, in the traditional form of a book — a book that lights up when you open the cover. It was a simple concept that resulted in a product that’s both intuitive for the user and powerful in its application. Lumio’s adaptable form allows it to be used in countless applications, reducing the need for multiple fixtures and helping to optimize space.

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  • From the living room to the outdoors, Lumio adapts to the user's lighting needs as they evolve throughout the day.

  • Lumio is cordless and folds into a compact and lightweight book. You can easily take it with you wherever you go.

  • The user intuitively know how to use Lumio without any instruction manual.

  • Lumio provides quality, high-output lighting equal to large permanent light fixtures -- and lasts through the night on a single charge. It folds into a compact book approx. 1" thick.

    The form can be adapted into a number of different configurations. Super strong magnets are built into its cover making it easy to mount Lumio on metal surfaces in many different configurations.