Libellule Corkscrew

  • 2021

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

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Commissioned By:

Zhuhai Cheer Technology Co.

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The Libellule Corkscrew puts a modern spin on a very traditional and ancient device. The French design team took on the challenge of transforming an ordinary product into a new tool with enhanced functions. The result is a recognizable and easy to use product.

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  • The main challenge of this project was to create an iconic and new aspect for a very common and already known product. Moreover, the design is greatly limited by the constraints, as it needs to stay simple, compact, easy to use, and reliable.

  • Nature is the greatest and most viable source of inspiration when it comes to elegance and pureness. After working our way through different design iterations, we headed into this refined, classy and attractive design. The main shapes are inspired by dragonflies, which bring appeal and acceptability for the user while keeping the product simple.

  • The purpose was for CHEER Moda to have a unique and recognisable manual corkscrew, different form all the classic models on the market, to add into there current premium product range of wine accessories. The design of Libellule had to respect mechanical, manufacturing and cost constraints, and now allow CHEER Moda to be differentiated from their competitors.

  • It was important for us to propose an unique design that will perfectly match with CHEER products line and values. A manual corkscrew is a basic product in wine accessories. This is a really interesting subject for a product designer and a Wine Accessories company to be creative and enhance product features, uses, acceptability and style.