360 Diffuser

  • 2021

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The 360 Diffuser rethinks the way a diffuser disperses essential oils into the atmosphere. By challenging the single-direction approach of most traditional products, the 360 Diffuser uses a three-sixty degree ring to disperse essential oils in a theatrical circular radius. This Australian designed product increases the reach and aroma of essential oils.

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  • The project brief tasked us with a simple question: how can we improve an ultrasonic diffuser? With growing competition from competitors, and with many other brands procuring off-the-shelf designs from suppliers, everything on the market was starting to look, feel, and perform the same. We were asked to create a point of difference for the next generation of essential oil diffusers. Our research into the world of diffusers revealed 2 problematic areas to address: Firstly, most ultrasonic diffusers only discharged mist in a single direction. Secondly, most of them needed to be constantly connected to a power source.

  • Our design approach with the 360 diffuser is one largely driven by its innovative function. We created a highly engineered cross-section that could increase the diffuser's effectiveness by discharging mist continuously in a circular, 360-degree direction. We also designed in a rechargeable battery and charging dock that would allow users to carry the unit around freely; making it easy to transport into different spaces within the home or office, and making refilling of water and oils much less fussy. The resulting design is one that is elegant and simple on the outside, but functionally creates an enhanced user experience.

  • The 360 diffuser provides an enhanced user experience with a wellness product that has largely remained the same for many years. By dispersing mist in a multidirectional manner, the diffuser is able to spread essential oils throughout spaces in a more effective and efficient manner, meaning that it does not need to be left on for long periods of time. Its portability also enhances the user experience by allowing them to bring the diffuser into areas of work/rest/play with much more ease.

  • The diffuser also features an ambient light ring, which provides a warm ambient glow. The touch buttons on the interface are subtle and neat, providing a smooth, uninterrupted aesthetic which makes for easy cleaning and maintenance. The soft-touch matte finish of the diffuser is comfortable to the touch and also provides a durable, non-porous surface.