Jasper 2

  • 2019

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Commissioned By:

King Living

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Famous for its contemporary design, flexibility and ability to transform to suit any space, style and taste.:The Jasper is more than a modular sofa. It’s a lifestyle solution, that’s been a centre-piece at King Living for close to 15 years.

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  • Take a best-selling product and update it to become a sleeker, smarter, more versatile and even more comfortable sofa.

  • The Jasper II is the most comfortable storage sofa yet. With even more options for customization including a new state-of-the-art media console, plug-in tables in timber veneer or Carrara marble, clever tech integration with wireless charging for mobile devices, plug in lights, speakers and shelves. The Jasper II is where next level style and comfort meets seamless connectivity.

  • The Jasper 2 represents an innovation in the way we think about sofas, not just in terms of comfort, but also lifestyle convenience with a contemporary users needs at the forefront of the design focus. Adding key features of other King sofas, such as storage, wireless charging, plug-in accessories, yet re-appropriating them to seamlessly integrate with Jasper's contemporary and minimalist aesthetic has resulted in a world class sofa, firstly in personalised comfort, flexibility but also in a new level of convenience and connectivity.

  • Every platform has been upgraded to include Flexguard technology for improved suspension and comfort wherever you are seated. The rear cushions and feather seats now include ‘Feather Breathing’ technology allowing the cushions to stay plump, retain their shape and feel more comfortable than ever with improvements in containing the feathers inside the covers. We’ve also created new softer feel memory foam seat cushions, requiring less maintenance than feather. Incorporating a new optimizing step in the production of every seat cushion, ensures the seats feel perfect from the beginning, without the need for ‘breaking in’. A new smart smart pocket system available on all arms and backs. This innovative upgrade allows customers to plug in the new round or rectangle tables we’ve designed specially for the Jasper II. Integrated lighting, Sonos speakers, charging tables and other technology can also be connected while seamlessly concealing any cables within the setting. Customers now have the choice of bases with or without storage. The easy clean tubs are located in the platform and provide an enormous amount of easy access storage. Media Consoles with intuitive cable management systems and storage solutions are designed to make any media viewing experience more immersive than ever.