iCore Smart IoT Urban Pole

  • 2021

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Michael Chia

Designed In:


This innovation is a breakaway from traditional thinking of how lighting poles are constructed from hollow tubes. It’s a change in both form and function, totally transforming the pole into a multi-functional construct which is sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. It can meet all the requirements of a smart city deployment.

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  • Today's urban lighting poles were never designed to accommodate the IoT devices and edge computing equipment needed for smart city deployments. Instead, such equipment and devices are simply strapped onto the outside of the poles. Worse, the required electrical and data wirings run along the outside of the poles. This spoils the aesthetics for parks, driveway, and landscaped environments. Such a set up is not only aesthetically ugly, but also poses a safety concern as the wires and equipment are all exposed on the outside.

  • The iCore solution is an invention which re-invents the concept of a pole. Using the centre (core) as the support, claddings surrounding it then creates spaces called Smart Compartments, into which equipment and devices can be easily and safely installed. Also, since the claddings are no longer load bearing, they can have cut-outs and can even be made of any material, for example, polymers or even photo-voltaic cells. This creates an almost infinite possibility for creative design. An innovative approach to the cladding design allows for a hinged, door-like design which vastly improves accessibility and ease of maintenance.

  • In landscaped environments like parks and gardens, suddenly seeing cameras and other IoT devices strapped onto once-beautiful lighting poles can be a jarring experience to the senses. The social impact of the iCore Smart IoT Urban Pole is significant! Commercially, we now have a viable alternative to provide a fully capable Smart Pole without compromising aesthetics and functionality. Environmentally, the iCore can be easily upgraded with new equipment without any need to remove or re-build the poles. Simply open the Smart Compartments and replace. Commercially sensible, environmentally sustainable.

  • The integrated lighting fixture has been designed to allow for maximum flexibility during and after installation. Using a rotating fixture design, the light can be aimed to provide optimal illumination where needed.