HP Wireless Creator 930M Mouse

  • 2021

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

HP Inc.

Designed In:

United States of America

The HP Wireless Creator 930M Mouse was designed for all-day comfort. This product was designed in the United States of America to easily switch between three paired devices, including computers and mobiles. The device also comes with programmable buttons and a scroll wheel to change from rotating with detents to a smooth-scrolling mode called Hyper-Scroll.

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  • Users work with multiple computers, tablets, and other devices. For users doing precision work, work is easier when the user can switch computers without interrupting to take their hands off the keyboard and mouse. Mouse users face a number of challenges picking a device. They want a mouse that works wirelessly, but also want to use it when it's charging. They want a shape that's ergonomic, while recognizing the people have differently sized hands. And users have told us that they like customizing feel, and function of buttons to speed up their work.

  • The HP Wireless Creator 930M Mouse is designed to place the user first. The buttons fall conveniently under fingers and thumbs. The cable exits parallel with the desk for continued use. The thumbrest has a rubber scalloped texture for comfort and premium looks. Ergonomics refined through human factors testing, and a user experience that allows the user to adjust it as needed results in a premium mouse that helps the user focus less on tools, more on creation. A 12 week battery and the ability to function wired or wireless mean the mouse is always ready when the user is.

  • Creating mouse that keeps the desk and work environment free of cables and clutter helps users keep a clear mind. Additionally, the battery lasts up to 12 weeks on a single charge, so users won't suffer charge anxiety. Because it has a long battery life and optical tracking, it should last for a long time before wearing out, saving the environment from premature e-waste.

  • The HP Wireless Creator 930M Mouse is made for multi-device use, and switches between 3 paired devices, Bluetooth 5.0, or a USB dongle for connection. 5 programmable buttons make it easy to customize the mouse to the user's applications.