HP Engage One Pro AIO System

  • 2021

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

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HP Inc.

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United States of America

HP Engage One Pro is an all-in-one point-of-sale solution optimized for experience-oriented retail businesses who need a complete system that’s impressive looking and easy to install at an affordable price. HP set out to create versatile point of sale systems that elevate the customer experience and support critical business operations.

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  • Modern retail stores are designed as an experience. Surfaces are carefully chosen from flooring to fixtures, and it isn't acceptable to have an old register with segmented LED display on a pole. The register has to be just as designed as the store it serves, and customer-centric. Different stores have different needs, whether a high quality, user-friendly kiosk experience, or an employee-guided experience with a user facing high-resolution display. HP Design worked to solve all these retail needs with Engage One Pro.

  • A thoughtful approach to human factors was taken. The display is both bright (the premium anti-glare FHD touchscreen, offered in 15.6", 19.5", and 23.8" diagonal, boasts up to 650 nits of brightness) and tilts to adjust optimal visibility for a wide range of human heights. To enhance the customer experience, there are a range of accessories from NFC readers, magstripe readers, barcode scanners, and customer-facing-accessory-displays that can be attached to all four edges of the Engage display. This allows the retailer the flexibility to use landscape or portrait modes, and put the customer-interaction on the side that is most convenient.

  • Engage One Pro was designed to be sophisticated, mounting the display on a stand that conceals all cables and ports. By routing cables through the stand, the retail environment is kept beautiful and clutter-free.The display can be mounted on its stand, on the wall, or on a VESA mount to meet the needs of the retail space. HP has made a VESA hub to connect between the VESA mount and Engage, so that all ports can be used with minimal difference in thickness. Engage One Pro changes how the customer searches, orders, and pays, making transactions easier.

  • Designed to adapt to any retail or hospitality environment, the HP Engage One Pro system features a versatile ecosystem of accessories, including scanner, magstripe reader, NFC, and customer facing displays that can attach to any of the four sides of the main display. Whether it's a traditional point of sale, interactive signage, or self-service, Engage One Pro was designed to enhance the consumer experience.