Hitachi Slim-Modular VRF SideSmart™

  • 2021

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Ravi Anand

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The Hitachi Slim-Modular VRF SideSmart™ outdoor air conditioning unit is minimal and simplified design. It is inspired by a layered surface language of architecture. The grey grille on the front reduces visual clutter. The aerodynamically-designed diamond blade benefits in saving power, reducing noise, preventing from snow blockage and allows the machine to perform efficiently in extreme weather conditions.

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  • Traditionally, Side Flow outdoor unit in air conditioning is very technically driven. The Global Hitachi Air Conditioning business seeks to rethink its brand language for the next wave of innovations. Celebrating durable, and high performing technologies; the promise of comfort and harmony needs to be amalgamated with aesthetics that is appropriate for the architectural environment. This is an effort to blend engineering and design for people all around the world.

  • This new offering is positioned with the desire to meet the needs of architects whom wants these outdoor devices to fit with the environment, to meet the needs of installers with a structure that prioritized serviceability, and to meet the end user's need of performance efficiency that uses less power with more output.

  • This Side Flow Air Conditioning outdoor unit is one of the cabinets out of an entirely new cabinet line-up. The new line up of cabinets along with several other air conditioning offerings will be the new face of Hitachi Air Conditioning celebrated by a consistent visual brand language. While there were many notable challenges, one of biggest achievement is the development of the grille cover on the cabinet. The objective was to create an outward aesthetic that blends silently with interior and exterior architectural languages which traditional circular grilles fails to do, while also enhancing its performance from legacy products.

  • Scroll compressor is an invention of Hitachi, which is best in performance. Patent on Grille design & Side block invention to prevent ice and short cycling is the important aspect of bottom up invention.