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The DWISS M3 is a wristwatch that tells time differently, with an unique display called “displaced hours”. This product was designed in Switzerland with the 100 members of the DWISS Watch Design Club. These members pay a monthly fee that covered the cost of the watch and each person recieved one at the end of the project.

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Image: pictures: Marco Varoli
Image: pictures: Marco Varoli
Image: pictures: Marco Varoli
Image: pictures: Marco Varoli
Image: pictures: Marco Varoli
Image: pictures: Marco Varoli
Image: pictures: Marco Varoli
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  • One aspect of watch collecting that many enthusiasts enjoy is experiencing watches with unique complications, methods of displaying the time, or even construction methods. Making something like this is quite expensive in watchmaking and requires a lot of expertise. The challenge was to create a different way of telling time, but keeping the price affordable and also connect watch aficionados to live their love for watches by creating something together even during a world pandemic.

  • To create something unique we got together 100 watch enthusiasts in an online Club. By paying a monthly fee, the enthusiasts become members of this Club and together could meet online to design a wristwatch. The fee paid by the members provided the funds necessary to pay the production and because the fee was paid by month, the members did not have to pay at once the full price in advance like in crowdfunding. The design solution to display time differently was placing the hours in the longer circumference of the dial, simply because the hours take longer to pass.

  • Watch collectors love to get together and show their timepieces one to the other, share insights on the design of their watches, and are proud of their limited edition timepieces. In this project, we put together these watch lovers during a world pandemic. Together we chatted, voted and created a limited edition watch with a unique way of telling time, and now they can proudly say they were responsible for the creation of this timepiece. It's not only purchasing a timepiece, but creating it together in very difficult times.

  • The first thing that comes to mind when we have to count time is the hours. The hours take longer to pass than the minutes and the seconds, so they could be displayed in the longer circumference of the dial. As the name implies, the "displaced hours" display replaces a traditional hour hand by a hand that moves the hour display to the outer circumference of the dial.