Happy Hours Skincare – Time for the Good Stuff

  • 2021

  • Communication

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Happy Hours Skin Care

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Happy Hours Skincare are an Australian Skincare company producing natural ‘no nasties’ products. This packaging concept is designed to connect as the range expands making it fun to display and a joy to hold.

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  • As a new mum, founder Kristi was deeply concerned to find so many skincare products out there claiming to be something they were not. Words like 'organic' and '100% natural' and 'kid-safe' were being tossed around far too loosely, despite the products containing hidden nasties and only a small percentage of natural ingredients. So she set out to find simple, effective and safe solutions, that were good for her whole family to use. Good stuff that can be used every day, by everyone. Good for our skin and good for the environment.Effective products to uncomplicate our lives.

  • Branding, packaging and digital design for Happy Hours. Custom molded bottles featuring the Happy Hours branded wavy monogram a nod to the Australiana lifestyle of sun, sand, and sea. The wavvy bottle concept is designed not only to connect the range (for kids) as it continues to expand, but also a reference to main brand, the connection of sand and sea.

  • Our mission is to be environmentally-friendly while we look after your skin. Through recyclable packaging and naturally-derived ingredients, we have put a lot of passion and care toward positively impacting our earth. No sulfates. No silicones. No testing on animals. No nasties. Reef Safe. Australian Made. 100% Recyclable Packaging.