Hammerhead Crusher Bucket

  • 2022

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    Commercial and Industrial

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The company has developed a new on-site and mobile crushing system for the mining and recycling industries. The Hammerhead crusher bucket achieves high-volume crushing rates, with a substantially larger range of crush sizes versus conventional less-portable solutions. The Hammerhead is an excavator attachment which provides significant versatility and mobility.

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  • Due to environmental, material and transport costs, recycling is becoming critical. The Hammerhead must process large rocks and reinforced concrete on-site, requiring a high-volume, large input-sized crusher fitted to a carrier machine to process. Conventional solutions are under-powered and offer low efficiency and production rates. The solution should be unique, patentable and more powerful than current jaw-crusher buckets. Requirements: Crush rocks from 500mm down to 10mm in one pass Adjustable crush size Weight within the carrier’s capacity Utilising all the power of the carrier machine Blockage-resistant As per FlipScreen’s reputation, must be worthy of the label “best in the world”

  • Multiple eccentric rollers with independent outer sleeves were the ultimate solution for crushing large rock and concrete containing reinforcing steel. Hydraulic cylinders enable instantaneous adjustment of crush sizing. The use of high-tensile T6 alloys and UHMWPE satisfy the lifting capacity of the excavator. Use of an automatic, variable displacement motor providing up to 720kw of power. A constantly increasing throat and a bottom jaw detachable in-field without tools for de-fouling and replacing wear parts. An integrated oil circulation and filtration system vastly extending maintenance hours. Exceptional performance on large rock and processes concrete with reinforcing steel faster than without.

  • Hammerhead’s patented crushing action outperforms current European crusher buckets, offering customers the mobility and compactness of a crusher bucket utilising the full horsepower and achieving a higher throughput rate. Many of the issues associated with developing a high-volume crusher limited by the weight capacity of the carrier machine have been solved. This was achieved by using steel only where necessary and using lightweight T6 alloys. UHWPE is used in the transmission and throughout the whole machine to replace heavier steel, including the barrier between vulnerable hydraulics and the crushing rollers which fully dismantle with the use of a lever.

  • • Exceptional production rates due to higher capacity and more power • Bucket opening of 1050mm to accommodate wide pieces of concrete • Four rapidly oscillating eccentric rollers resulting in a unique and revolutionary patented crushing action • Successfully processes reinforcing steel in concrete • Maximum rock/concrete/footing size 1000mm by 500mm • Variable displacement motor providing up to 720kw of power. Automatic torque control under load • Forward and reverse functions for anti-fouling • Innovative concrete-scooping teeth • Ability to dial up the exact sizing without tools from inside the cabin • Smart valve incorporated to take any pressures and flows eliminating the need for carrier-specific settings • When combined with a FlipScreen, a single excavator can provide a complete crushing and screening solution • The bucket has an ever-increasing throat size to prevent fouling • An integrated oil gear pump which comprises of two adjustable spring-loaded plates applied to the intersection of two existing cogs creates a pump with adjustable relief valve without the need of extra assemblies. This feeds three filters mounted inside the top three barrels which pump oil centrifugally as the barrels spin, providing a full cooling and lubrication system and stretching out maintenance hours into the thousands rather than hundreds.