• 2022

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Commissioned By:

Aspect Furniture

Designed In:

New Zealand

Habitat is a light, flexible and modular furniture system. A simple kit-of-parts that can be expanded on and quickly adapted to accommodate a range of office needs and individual working styles – an opportunity to create your own “Habitat”.

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  • In a world where attention is being diverted at every turn, the need for flexible zones and micro-environments in the workplace is becoming ever more important. Drawn together around an idea, Aspect and Autex quickly discovered alignment in creating a solution to a problem – acoustically optimized, focused, microwork environments. The challenge was to create a system that could be quickly modified to accommodate a range of work settings. It was important that this system was modular, easy to assemble, space-saving, multiple configurations, and sourced from sustainable materials. Another challenge was to ensure this product performed first in class acoustically.

  • Habitat is a high-performing furniture system made from lightweight panels and seating modules. It can be assembled into a range of micro-environments to suit individual workplace needs, from focus pods, processing areas to collaborative zones. Through partnership with leading sound-environment experts, Habitat is fabricated from specially formulated and sustainable acoustic materials to provide a high-performing solution that provides an essential barrier between thinking space and open-plan office activity. Set up in under 30 minutes with minimal tools or heavy parts, the Habitat panels intuitively fit together utilising powder-coated aluminium extrusions which keep them secure and have adjustable feet for leveling.

  • A retreat to a quiet space for concentrated work is key to unlocking balance and productivity. Equally as important to this is spaces that promote connection. Habitat provides both! Habitat has been designed and manufactured from 100% sustainable materials. Habitat panels are made from Autex Cube and contain a minimum of 60% previously recycled polyester fibre ( PET bottle-flake) - which equates to 53, 600ml plastic bottles per panel. Our environmentally-friendly outcome was achieved through meticulous material selection, which makes Habitat a light-footprint solution and an eco-friendly choice for a workplace

  • Habitat’s lightweight wall composite, made from Autex Cube, rejects the restraints of traditional MDF and fabric-covered panels for greater versatility, flexibility and higher performance. It has an acoustic absorption of 9 square metres per unit (9 metric Sabins) to provide quiet space to focus, think and connect. Small details make a huge difference to a workspace. Habitat offers seamless connectivity for desktop accessories with pop-up power and data built into the desk modules. The panel extrusions double up as a rail for accessories such as a convenience hook and adjustable lighting mounts. The panels and rails are also available in a wide range of colours to suit personal tastes for further customisation. Habitat has been designed to capitalise on space so that you can add more panels, change configurations or relocate easily with no fuss. The light weighted materials mean it is an easy-to-carry, reconstructable kit of parts. Habitats shared wall ability, reduces material content whilst still retaining flexibility and adaptability