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  • 2022

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Gigi Bib is the world’s only wake-proof, accessory-compatible baby and toddler bib range. The ground-breaking, one-handed ‘Gigi Clip’ has been ergonomically designed to be easy to attach and remove with just the thumb and forefinger, making the transition from feeding to settling baby to sleep much easier for parents.

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  • The Founder of Gigi Bib's youngest daughter Gisele (Gigi) was very hard to get to sleep as a baby. She would cry for hours every night. The only way to settle her was to feed her, but removing her bib would always wake her. The market didn't offer a bib that could be removed easily and quietly with one hand while nursing a child. All available options had to be pulled off over baby's head, or involved fiddly press-studs that pulled on their neck, or noisy velcro strips. Research highlighted that this was a common frustration among parents with babies.

  • Founder Chrissy Dupé made it her mission to develop a 'one-handed', 'wake-proof' bib. After creating a series of handmade prototypes, she engaged D+I for concept and product development, eventually arriving at the perfect solution. The aptly named 'Gigi Bib' features an innovative one-handed clip (Patent Pending), designed to be easily opened and closed by gently pinching the clip's arms together using just the thumb and forefinger. This allows parents to easily remove baby's bib with one hand without waking them when they fall asleep during a feed (or during a 'dream feed'), and give them a smooth transfer into bed.

  • The product's namesake, Gigi, was born with a rare genetic condition; through her family's lived experience, Founder Chrissy Dupé has become passionate about supporting people with additional needs and creating social change. Her vision is to Make Life Easier - not just for parents and carers, but for many others - through the application of the Gigi Clip to different products across multiple industries, including Adaptive Wear and Aged-Care. By promoting independence for people with physical challenges, such as those with unilateral cerebral-palsy, stroke sufferers and older people, this unique one-handed clip design has significant potential to achieve meaningful social impact.

  • The Gigi Bib's one-handed clip features a unique, easy-open/close mechanism, achieved by gently pinching the clip's two arms together and lifting the top of the clip off the base and back on. This unique mechanism allows quick and quiet attachment and removal of the bib, helping baby stay asleep after a feed. Additionally, the unique Gigi Accessory Tether has been designed to easily and securely attach inside the Gigi Clip's closure. Unlike traditional dummy clips, which are easy for babies and toddlers to pull off and throw on the floor, the Accessory Tether can't be removed by baby, which means accessories such as dummies, teethers, and silicone feeders, stay close at hand and off the floor, saving parents time and promoting good hygiene by keeping baby's things clean. The one-handed Gigi Clip not only has great social impact potential to promote independence and improve quality of life through its application to adaptive-wear and aged care garments - it also presents significant market potential across other industries that will benefit from it's easy, 'one-handed' open/close mechanism, such as hospitality aprons and work-wear, medical garments, and outdoor apparel and equipment.