Gemprint DNA

  • 2018

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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Gemprint Corporation

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Gemprint DNA instrument records the unique optical 'fingerprint' of each diamond. Just like a human fingerprint, every diamond has a unique GEMPRINT®. The instrument is powered by the world’s most sophisticated, non-invasive, positive identification, patented technology and has been used by the FBI and Canadian Government.

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  • Conversion of the patented technology into an easy-to-operate, user friendly and aesthetically pleasing product that can be used across global retail jewellery shops, mining industry etc. Engineering design of the product that demands precise movement of multiple motors, inbuilt photographic lighting system and cameras to capture the optical fingerprint and images of diamond. In spite of the complex mechanisms with multiple moving parts inside, the challenge was to present user with an easy interface and intuitive experience.

  • A table top device that connects with laptop and works with single press of button and an easy interface for placement of diamonds. Thoughtful placement of internal components i.e. motors, camera, lighting system, mechanical and electronic components without compromise on functional and technological parameters, in order to optimize the table top footprint of device. Product aesthetics to suit global audiences across gems and jewellery sector inspired from keywords - Unique, Reliable and Cutting edge. Reducing the technological complications with end user using automatic control for all the inbuilt functions, using a desktop application with features of remote accessibility and maintenance.

  • This visionary product is aimed at transforming global gemstone industry. It gives increasing confidence to the consumer alleviating the worry of tampering or switching with fraudulent stone when a diamond is given to the shops for reset, repair, or cleaning. Investment protection to the consumers, corporates and mining industry as the device provides effective inventory control, allows fast and accurate internal/external auditing and most importantly supports the stake holders, if the stone is lost or stolen. A Gemprint registered diamond could act as a forensic evidence in case of any need by government or investigating agencies.

  • * Modular design to accommodate two versions of the product within the same product framework 1. Version A - Diamond laser pattern imaging capability 2. Version B - Diamond laser pattern imaging + photomicrograph of diamond and its internal characteristics * User friendly shipping clamps and smart software control for safe shipment of machine globally. * Access to consumable part for quick and easy maintenance * Possibility of remote access to check every functionality for product calibration for easy maintenance.