Gazelle Orange CX NuVinci

  • 2015

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Royal Dutch Gazelle

Designed In:

The Netherlands

The Orange CX NuVinci is all new from Gazelle and features the Bosch Mid Drive System coupled with the revolutionary NuVinci Harmony Automatic gear system. With the Harmony Advanced Controller model, the cyclist selects and fine-tunes a cadence set-point by twisting the shifter until the blue RPM display indicates the desired setting. With the Harmony Base Controller, the rider chooses one of three factory preset cadence speeds and activates the system by simply pushing a button on the controller.

As the rider pedals, the weather-sealed Harmony hub interface monitors pedal cadence, senses vehicle speed and automatically adjusts ratio in the hub to maintain the set cadence as terrain and conditions change.

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  • MORE
  • Gazelle is constantly working on further refining the design and styling of its bikes. An example is the smart integration of cables and lighting systems into the bike, making them less vulnerable to damage and, what's more, they look very stylish.

  • Regardless of whether you want to cycle quickly through town or are about to undertake a long touring ride, smooth cycling will make your ride a lot more comfortable. That is why Gazelle invests in using lightweight components, while maintaining quality standards for the best cycling experience. Gazelle electric bikes are actually 10% lighter than comparable quality bikes.

  • To accomplish the feeling of safety, a bike is only worthy of the Gazelle name if it has the perfect threefold combination of a delightfully smooth ride, smart design and robust quality. Because Gazelle believe: the better your bike is, the more often you will cycle!

  • Gazelle is keen to do its bit towards making the world a better place. Gazelle does this by taking a critical look at our everyday actions and dealings. Cycling itself is an environmentally-friendly activity. After all, it is one of the cleanest modes of transport there is. So, if you ride a Gazelle bike you are actively being “green”. Gazelle also takes due account of the environment during the production process. For example, Gazelle use water-based paints and make a conscious effort when it comes to the recycling process.

    If you purchase a new bike, you don't want to have any worries about it. Gazelle understands how you feel. That is why you will get no less than 10-Years warranty on all frames and non-suspension front forks. We provide a 5-Year warranty on suspension front forks and 2 years on all other components. The paint on a Gazelle is indestructible, as well as being rock-hard and scratch-resistant in every colour. This durability pays for itself in lower maintenance costs and a good trade-in value, whilst you enjoy maximum cycling pleasure on a Gazelle quality bike.

    Gazelle has long since led the way when it comes to clever inventions to make cycling more attractive and easier. Gazelle has over 120 years of bicycle know-how and are driven by improvement and innovation. Our innovations still contribute to everyday cycling comfort today. At Gazelle it is a belief that “happy cycling” is based on the right combination of comfort, convenience and personal taste. All the innovations are, therefore, geared towards improving these three aspects for you. Gazelle models and parts regularly win international awards and our bicycles are rated highly in different cycle tests.