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Knibble is the only non-stick cheese knife with the added functionality of a spreading edge and serving fork. The Australian designed barbed blade profile creates air pockets to prevent cheese from sticking and angled forks to easily pierce or transfer food. The top edge of the blade is also rounded for efficient spreading.

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  • Sharing food is common across all cultures and now more than ever, people are looking to regather in small groups around a charcuterie board or grazing platter. The task was to create a product to improve the charcuterie board self-serving user experience. Traditionally, multiple specialized, and often costly, utensils are needed for different operations, and often a user only has one hand free to reach across a serving board. We set out to eliminate the need for many of these utensils with a single, affordable tool that an uninitiated user can instantly understand and effortlessly operate with one hand.

  • Knibble replaces the multiple tools that are commonly required for grazing platter serving tasks, allowing for hygienic one-handed reaching, picking, spreading, and slicing operations. In combining these uses Knibble doesn't compromise on its core cheese slicing function. Knibble's nylon blade effortlessly slices any cheese and the ridges in its barbed blade profile create air pockets to prevent cheese from sticking. The same tool's downward angled fork easily pierces and transfers food from platter to cracker or plate, while the rounded top edge of the blade is designed for easy spreading of pates and pastes.

  • Knibble is a multi-purpose tool constructed with high grade materials for long term reliability and use, intended to replace many tools and their carbon footprint. The choice of plastic for the blade provides the non-stick qualities of a coated metal blade, without the environmental cost. The serving fork integrated with the blade eliminates any need to pick up food with fingers or place hands near shared food. The product is available in multiple price points, handle colours, and materials, allowing each guest to identify and use their own knife, reducing the potential transfer of germs associated with shared platters.

  • By utilising a barbed, non-stick blade design, Knibble can be used without a second hand to remove cheese from the blade. This keeps the user's hands clean, and as well as keeping their hands away from shared food. Strong, stainless steel forks are perfect for picking up and serving cheese or nibbles onto a plate or cracker, and don't extend beyond the profile of the blade for safety. They can also be used for piercing packaging for ease of opening, without the need to dirty another tool. The rounded top edge of Knibble's blade spreads without tearing up bread and scrapes every last bit of pate, dip, or paste from plastic and matte-glazed containers without scratching their finish. Knibble's durable forks and plastic blade stay sharp and will never rust, making Knibble a tool built to last and the soft-grip-rubber handled version, dishwasher safe.