Frank Green Home Range

  • 2021

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    Housewares and Objects

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Frank Green

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The Frank Green Home Range started as a collection of reusable cups and bottles, and has evolved into innovative, beautiful alternatives to single-use plastic. This Australian-designed home range gives customers the ability to lead a stylish, plastic-free life with intuitively designed products for all stages of their day.

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Image: Frank Green Lifestyle Range
Image: Frank Green Lifestyle Range
Image: Frank Green Lifestyle Range
Image: Frank Green Lifestyle Range
Image: Frank Green Lifestyle Range
Image: Frank Green Lifestyle Range
Image: Frank Green Lifestyle Range
Image: Frank Green Lifestyle Range
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  • There are multiple instances every day where people feel they have to use single-use plastic. So, we needed to offer more benefits than single-use plastics so customers are willing to make the behavioural change. The challenge was to create products that: - Have no plastics and encourage a zero-waste lifestyle - Take customers from morning to night - Withstand varying temperatures and transitions throughout the day - Durable enough for daily use at home and work - Ergonomic, intuitive and easy to use - Aesthetically pleasing - Hygienic, safe, and made from premium materials - Sustainable - not just greenwashing or tokenism but with a lasting impact

  • This range is designed to cue customer behaviour and fit seamlessly into their lives. Our challenge is finding what it takes to get people to switch from single-use to reusables. With learnings from our current range, qualitative and quantitative research, we found people care about style, innovation and want a complete solution. Our products don't just replace plastic containers, they offer functionality that goes beyond; they complement each other, have a specially-designed push-button, airtight seal, retain temperature, can be used as a container or bowl, and they're plastic free. We design for style and to make customers' lives better.

  • We know that once people use our products they don't go back because we offer an experience no single-use product can. It goes beyond labelling a product 'reusable' and calling it a day. We're about innovation and constant improvement. We create superior reusable products with a long-term view to help solve the plastic crisis. The range isn't just reusable, it's plastic free. New research shows Australia and the US are the biggest contributors to the throwaway plastics crisis, respectively producing the greatest amounts of single-use plastic waste per head of pollution, at more than 50 kg per person per year.

  • Porcelain bowls with lids (750ml, 1.4L) are double-walled and withstand all temperatures - fridge, freezer, oven, microwave to dishwasher. Stainless-steel ceramic bowls with lids(750ml, 1.4L) are double-walled and made from food-grade stainless-steel. Designed as a substitute for plastic containers at home, work or getting takeaway. They retain heat for up to 6 hours, so there's no need to heat food at lunchtime. Bowls stack for easy storage, have an airtight and spill-proof glass and silicone lid and come with a 40ml sauce container made of stainless-steel and silicone. The button keeps the lid airtight, spill-proof and is a safety mechanism for heat - when popped up, steam is released, allowing for a safe opening. Insulated food storage containers are triple-walled. Vacuum-insulated lining retains temperatures of hot or cold, with an airtight and spill-proof lid and unbreakable premium-grade stainless steel outer layer. Platinum silicone bags are 2mm thick, sturdy and durable. They can withstand extreme temperatures from boiling to freezing and are unbreakable. Cutlery set contains: fork, knife, spoon, straw and chopsticks. They're weighted for an ergonomic feel and made from premium stainless-steel in brushed gold and silver. Packed in silicone pouch for mess-free storage and placed straight into the dishwasher after use.