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Intuitive and easy to use, Fleetseat is a safe, fast, and highly effective way for two people to carry a person suffering a lower limb injury. Compact in size, it requires far less space than a medical stretcher, is ergonomically designed and engineered and features a proprietary weight distribution system.

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Image: image supplied by Meditech 4 Sport
Image: image supplied by Meditech 4 Sport
Image: image supplied by Meditech 4 Sport
Image: image supplied by Meditech 4 Sport
Image: image supplied by Meditech 4 Sport
Image: image supplied by Meditech 4 Sport
Image: image supplied by Meditech 4 Sport
Image: image supplied by Meditech 4 Sport
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  • Fleetseat’s goal was to design a safe two-person carry system that deploys quickly and easily transports people with lower limb injuries to safety without causing injury to the injured person or rescuers. The use of traditional carrying techniques in sports injury management, including invasive contact of the person being carried, demonstrated the need for such an innovation. After an initial focus on a design for use in sporting settings, the Fleetseat development focus went beyond this to include - Emergency Services, First Aid and Healthcare, Defence, law enforcement and Education.

  • Fleetseat is biomechanically engineered and ergonomically designed to distribute the weight of an injured person across its flexible and strong structure, to prevent carriers from injuring themselves. Weighing less than 800g, it can be worn on a person and deployed in seconds. Made from strong and easy to clean materials, Fleetseat features adjustable shoulder straps to suit a large range of users. Further comfort features include padded shoulder straps and a large, comfortable seat for the patient. Through many rounds of prototyping and user testing, Fleetseat was developed into a safe, rapid, reliable product protecting both patients and carriers.

  • Fleetseat significantly raises the standard in how injured people are transported using a two-person-carry. It reduces the time taken to transport a person to medical attention and improves the comfort and safety for the patient. Fleetseat has the potential to save lives in emergency evacuations. While this undoubtedly has a big impact, Fleetseat also ensures the safe transportation of young people with injuries, in settings where sexual abuse of children has occurred. Fleetseat’s greatest legacy will be its ability to promote a culture of consent amongst its users.

  • Lightweight: Weighing less than 800 grams, Fleetseat can be easily worn or carried by first responders for immediate deployment. Compact and portable: Fleetseat can also be carried in a first aid kit, making it easy to be prepared Safe: Underpinned by a scientifically proven design and manufactured using the highest quality materials, Fleetseat has undergone rigorous testing for all conditions and purposes, guaranteeing safe and reliable performance. Rapid deployment: As a wearable device, the Fleetseat can be deployed and used in just a few seconds. Non-invasive: Strategically placed handles help prevent invasive or inappropriate physical contact with the patient. Scientifically informed design: Designed and refined in conjunction with world-renowned biomechanical experts, the TGA registered Fleetseat has been tested rigorously for optimal performance under a wide range of conditions.