Boxi – bento lunchbox with ice brick

  • 2021

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Boxi Australia

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Designed to keep lunches cool and fresh while at school or work, the Boxi Cool is a bento-style lunchbox with an ice brick conveniently located inside. Designed in Australia, the product also features a leak-proof lid, adjustable food tray and carry handle.

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  • Born from frustration when packing home-made, allergy-free and rubbish-free foods while keeping them cool for the day, the Boxi lunchbox was needed to meet not only the requirements of children with allergies taking food to school, but also other health-conscious people including diabetics, portion control requirements, 'clean eating' dieters and people with food sensory processing disorders. The eco-conscious, and those concerned with consuming packaged foods, also needed an option to pack waste-free foods that can be kept cool and reduce their impact on the environment.

  • A lunchbox is just a lunchbox unless it's a 5-sided lunchbox with an internal ice brick! The Boxi Cool's chamfered edge makes it unique and instantly recognisable while also providing the perfect inner-corner compartment for food items like yoghurt and dip. The benefit of the corner compartment allows for easy-eating with a spoon and is the perfect portion size at 120ml. The internal ice brick completely fills the bottom compartment allowing the 'coolness' to service the entire lunchbox and maintain the temperature for several hours.

  • It's estimated that taking a packaged lunch to school generates 3 pieces of rubbish per day, equaling 600 pieces of rubbish over the school year from one child. The Boxi lunchbox has a positive effect on the environment, helping to reduce the number of packaged lunches by encouraging children (and adults) to take fresh, waste-free foods packed conveniently in the adjustable compartments. It also helps reduce food waste because food is staying cooler and fresher for longer. Every lunchbox sold has a positive impact on society by donation to food rescue charity, OzHarvest, who provide meals to vulnerable people.

  • Having a leak-proof lid is essential when searching for a lunchbox in the 21st century - Boxi features not only a leak-proof lid but also an innovative removable seal, to prevent mould and moisture building up under the lid, which can be easily washed in the dishwasher. In fact, the entire lunchbox is dishwasher safe. It's also made from BPA free, food grade plastic that is fully recyclable at the end of its life. Our product packaging is also plastic free and recyclable. The convenient carry handle allows for easy transportation especially when your hands are full and you only have one finger spare to carry it. Spare parts are available and easy to replace, extending the life of an already robust product. Boxi is the first lunchbox in the world to have all these convenient features: bento-style, ice brick, removable leak-proof seal, adjustable food tray and carry handle.