Evorie toddler water bottles

  • 2020

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The Evorie toddler water bottle range is designed to allow toddlers to drink water easily and safely. This unique range of products have 3 different water delivery systems; a teat, a sippy spout and a straw system, ensuring that the toddlers hydration, health and development is optimised.

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  • The design brief for the project was to create a range of water bottles to be used by parents and toddlers. The challenge was to create bottle designs that facilitated the varying needs of toddlers as they transition from breast milk and formula to water. The products needed to appeal to not only the parents, but the toddlers who are starting to become independent in their drinking habits. It was important that the bottles had a variety of water delivery systems to allow them to be matched to the age of the toddler and the needs of the parents.

  • The Evorie range of toddler water bottles have three alternate water delivery systems: a teat, a sippy cup and a straw system. Each bottle can be used with any of the water delivery systems, and can be tailored to the age and needs of the toddler. This design solution exceeded the brief by creating a range of products to meet the varying needs of the users rather than a compromised single product solution. The bottle designs allow parents to ensure their child is drinking the necessary amount of water, and empowers the toddlers to remain hydrated during their active lives.

  • Commercially, the Evorie baby water bottles are a high quality, safe, ergonomic and unique range of products at an affordable price to customers. This unique selling proposition provides Evorie with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Environmentally, the bottles are made from fully separable, recyclable, polymer components to allow the materials to be recycled at end of life. Socially the toddler water bottles meet the absolute need of providing optimum hydration of toddlers for the early years of their life. In doing this they also reduce complexity and stress to their parents.

  • The bottle components are made from high quality BPA free materials including Tritan material for the bottles and high grade silicone for the teats, sippy spout and straw. The Tritan material which the bottles are made from is a food grade engineering polymer which has high clarity (>90%), is impact resistant and can withstand high temperatures of dishwashing and sterilisation without clouding. The three water delivery systems allow the toddler to smoothly transition from milk to water. The teat water bottle provides the toddler with the familiar teat system from feeding bottles, but applied to a water bottle. The sippy spout and the straw bottles allow the toddler to self-hydrate in a safe manner, as well as having an integrated internal weighted tube so that the water can be drawn from the bottle regardless of its angle and orientation. The bottles all have integrated, ergonomically designed handles allowing the toddler to easily hold and manipulate the bottles. The characterful and fun forms of the bottles are unique, functional and streamlined. The bottles are available in a range of fresh, contemporary unisex colours, which are appealing to both the toddler and their parents.