Evolution Rescue Tools Compact

  • 2016

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Peter Fegan

Designed In:

Proudly 100% Australian

The Evolution Rescue Tool (compact) is an ergonomically advanced breaching tool designed to be a personal equipment item for first responding emergency rescue personnel.

Their lightweight construction and superior task potentials make these tools an new essential extension of emergency rescue personnel’s equipment to save lives from hazardous environments and situations.

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  • The Evolution Rescue Tool (compact) are mid-sized 11 inch/285 mm length tactical rescue tomahawks designed to enable versatile and extreme use task performances for evacuation and extraction from emergency and life threatening situations. They feature advanced ergonomically responsive grip handle forms providing a variety of secure and tactile hand positions all the way up the tool length. Constructed from aerospace grade titanium 6AL4V for featherweight potentials or chrome molly steel for heavy duty applications. The Evolution Rescue Tool (compact) is available in two style models; spike tomahawk and conventional hatchet axe and are equiped with a rigid safety blade scabbard.