eufy Security Video Smart Lock

  • 2022

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    Consumer Electronics

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eufy Security Video Smart Lock is an innovative security product that integrates a video doorbell and a smart lock with various convenient and secure unlock features for your high privacy: fingerprint, app, passcode, and key. It completely streamlines a front door security suite into a single device.

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  • eufy Security Video Smart Lock unifies everything into a complete security solution considering power supply, separate phone apps, and convenient hardware installation. eufy Security Video Smart Lock includes a 2K resolution camera, a doorbell, and a lock with even more added features such as: - Facial recognition for personalized notifications. - Remote control locking and unlocking. - Fingerprint unlocking. - Automated locking when the door is closed.

  • eufy Security Video Smart Lock integrates a video doorbell and a smart lock in a compact size, and also includes a keypad and a fingerprint sensor on the top for the most convenient unlocking experience. The doorbell offers a 2K WDR high-quality resolution camera to make you feel more secure. eufy Security defined the most suitable product height for easy installation and stability.

  • Video Smart Lock features an innovative design. The angled top surface has been defined to provide an ergonomic finger sensor area and the top metal cover emphasizes the finger sensor and camera while protecting functionality. A sandblasted finish provides a premium and sleek finish.

  • Security is one of the top topics in the US market. Security door lock is a smart security product that not only keeps your family members and property safe but also provides a seamless door open experience. Especially in the US market, door lock and doorbell are separated product categories, which means consumers need to buy different products to keep their house safe. To solve this issue with smarter technology, eufy Security built the smarter door lock with a 2K high-resolution camera and fingerprint sensor.