espresso Displays: espressoDisplay V2

  • 2023

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    Consumer Electronics

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espresso Displays

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espresso Displays is a local start-up that created the world’s thinnest portable display in 2019. In 2022, we shipped a next-gen product that transformed the user experience with a range of design innovations. espressoDisplay V2 changed what’s possible for hybrid workers – creatives and artists – to get more done anywhere.

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Image: espressoDisplay V2 with its customised magnetic stand and pen
Image: espressoDisplay V2 and its sleek profile
Image: espressoDisplay V2 has two USB-C ports that channel power and data
Image: espressoDisplay V2 used by designer
Image: espressoDisplay V2 used with pen by designer
Image: espressoDisplay V2 shipped to customers in 2022
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  • espressoDisplay V1 was a global success and confirmed the requirement for portable displays that provide versatile touchscreen, writing and interactive features. Following COVID, it was also clear that hybrid working was here to stay and that people were seeking innovation that empowered them to work when, where, and how they wanted. The design challenge for espressoDisplays V2 was based on transforming based on the ever-increasing needs of a wider range of diverse customers around the world seeking highly portable touchscreen technology that could integrate with whatever device they used. Improving the users experience was a fundamental purpose leading into V2.

  • espressoDisplay V2 responds to real world demand from thousands of customers seeking simple and compatible portable displays to power their hybrid work. Change in work habits has been faster in the past 3 years than in the previous decade, but hardware has not evolved to support how we people want to work today. We created a device to respond to how people work and delivered: Compatibility with 1000s of other devices people use, Better touchscreen with active stylus and driver for mac users, Better audio, In-built accelerometer for auto-rotation, Simplified cable connections, Better accessories, Thinner!

  • espressoDisplay v2 is the product of choice for creatives, business users, and production professionals. Thinner than V1, it's also packed with a more streamlined UX in terms of hardware and software. To date, the product is unique in its field and recognised for being without a clear comparison. V2 allowed companies using software to do whiteboarding, doc markup directly into their MacOS and windows devicesOne USB-C cable is all that is required to operate the device with a PC, laptop or Mac. Global and local media reviews, customer feedback and use cases in the 1000s have demonstrated impact and transformation.

  • Compatibility: A simple ‘plug and play’ UX with 1000s of devices - PC, laptop, Mac, gaming and more. No other device we are aware of is as compatible. Connection, cable management: One USB-C cable is all that’s required to use the display. Thin and sleek: Thinner than our first product, this is the world’s thinnest at 5.3 mm thin. Durable: Aerospace aluminium provides durability people can trust to take on the road. Level 6 hardened glass, as well as a screen protector film, to upgrade durability. Smart: Enhanced software (espressoFlow) to offer a smart monitor experience with more features. Touch / drawing: Amazing touch and drawing capability for Mac, Windows, Linux and range of software platforms and hardware, including Samsung devices via DeX. Audio: Enhanced speakers. Accessories: A new stylus, and new magnetic stand allows users to create a workstation anywhere. Paper-like drawing: Customised Japanese paper screen film to provide a paper-like pen experience. Accelerometer: Turn from landscape to portrait, and the display automatically detects and augments content. Packaging: An amazing unboxing experience that reflects our brand! Pressure sensitivity: For illustrators/designers to get the most from apps like Photoshop and illustrator when creating artwork on their mac (which was not possible before.)